Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Groovebook -photos from your cell to your doorstep

I have another fun photo product for you this week! 

It's a phone app called Groovebook, I LOVE the concept of this one!  
But, I'm going to let you watch their video first 
then I'll give you my review of the product below... 

so here's how my book turned out,

my latest project has been the new "play room", which was lexis old room- we moved lexi into the guest bedroom when we decided the crib wasn't happening anymore.. 
hopefully more fun pictures will come from this room & this wall might evolve a little along the way!

Ok, so I am going to list my pros & cons on this one,

I absolutely love this product idea, because I am TERRIBLE at printing my photos.
I sat down, downloaded the app, scrolled through my images on my phone & then went to my blog on my phone & clicked images I wanted and saved them to my phone- I decided to just go through the past 3 mo of blogging and print my favorite from then & I had everything done in probably less than 30 minutes... now that is good for me - because my photos are scattered between my laptop & desktop & I was able to do it downstairs on my cell phone while lexi was watching tv. 
Just placed my order & it was on my doorsteps a couple of days later!
When my book arrived it was in a cute little cover and it worked perfectly for my wall art I was planning..
Not to mention your 1st book is completely FREE! 

My only holdback when I received my book -
was some of the images weren't the best quality, some were pixely & then some were perfectly fine.
I only ordered maybe 3 or 4 that were actually on my cell - so I am not sure if saving them from my blog had anything to do with lessening the quality?! 
Some of the picture pages did tend to come out of the book bound easily, so now i have loose pages..
not completely horrible news..
but overall the book was a super simple fix for me to get my latest pictures! 
oh, and the images I did save from my blog - there was a white border on the sides - I just cut them off when I went to use them.

K, so..
Go download the Groovebook app & order your free book, 
using code: PILLOWGROOVE 
then come back and let me know what your thoughts were on it 
and how your pictures turned out! 
I would love to hear!!

Also, Groovebook just hit the Today Show this morning as being one of the 6 best smart phone apps
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  1. I am also terrible at printing off my pictures and have the intent to do it, but never get around to doing it. I am so excited to try this out!! Such a neat concept of having a book, but also you can tear out the photos. Thanks Lindsey!

  2. I like this idea! But do you have to order a book every month? I know it says you can cancel but I'd rather just have it there for when I want to do it, instead of having to actually cancel or order each month.

    1. I emailed them, and this is what she said "At this time, you must order or cancel. We are hoping that the $2.99 fee is small enough that people will not worry too much for missing a month or two throughout the year, but it should be very easy to sign up and also to cancel.

      Also, if you miss a month, we will gladly allow you to upload 2 the following month :)

      Hope that helps!

  3. I l0ve new uses for washi tape!

  4. Is it possible to cancel, because i really just only wanted one groove book.

    1. yes! you can cancel your subscription at anytime by e-mailing them at billing@groovebook.com


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