Monday, January 7, 2013

ringing in the new year

we had a new years eve party at our house this year,
its always so fun getting together with this little crew
it's tysons old high school friends along with the wives
not everyone is always able to make it, but it's fun trying to get everyone together every so often!
wish it were as easy with my high school friends who are spread apart a million different ways

We planned a sushi & chinese dinner with games & a photo booth.
Pat & Ash were in charge of the sushi
and I totally spaced taking pics of all the food!
lame i know..
so you will have to make due with the plates & table setting, minus the goods
oh, and party favors included: silver glittery take out boxes with fortune cookies & noise makers
which i was throwing at people seconds before the clock struck midnight
b/c i kinda forgot those were crucial for ringing in the new year :)


  1. Great job, girly!!! You throw the best parties. xo

  2. You did a great job from the way it looks. It seems like everyone had a blast!

  3. Great pics!
    New follower! Follow me back too?

  4. So cute! I'm totally making a photo booth for this next party:) a must do!!!

  5. Great pictures! What did you use as the backdrop for your photo booth? Also, did you have a camera set up or have someone take a picture each time? That sounds like a great idea for my next party!


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