Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i am

I don't believe in copyrighting my images, they make images look quite ugly and i will take the chance for now to take everyone on their honor to not steal my images :)

I don't eat organic, or healthy foods obsessively... they are more expensive and most of the time don't even taste that good... yes they may be good for you- and if i was on a healthy kick I'm sure I would give it a go... but not for me, not now.

Nor would I ever do cleanses. torturing myself is not on my daily agenda.

i am not sucked into all those green products.. i'll take my chances that lexi will never suck on my clorox wipes that I could not live without.

I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

I get paranoid, have a little anxiety, and worry way too much. I have gotten better by avoiding any thoughts too in depth that will lead to that. Its horrible at night before I go to bed when every thought seems to run through this little mind of mine.

I am obsessed with pinterest. i hear so many people who feel it can be such a negative thing. pinterest is there to inspire people. the end. it is such a healthy outlet for me. soo many pretty photographs, and i love pulling concepts I would love for our own home. i always try and credit where needs be.. so if you keep within the ethics of things, than i feel you can only do your part. I remember the days i used to google for inspiration... pinterest you are soo much better!

i get creeped out easily by creepy men

i am shy to people who i don't know. I used to not be this way, but grew into it after high school.. most likely because i didn't have my comfort zone of best friends who i grew up with all my life. We all seemed to branch off and go do different things. funny how that works

obsessed with Dr. Pepper & Cherry Coke.

obsessed with the chinese/japanese culture.. the look and feel of it all..  put me in an old local chinese restaurant with some chinese music going and i would call that a perfect night. my dream would be to go to an amazing spa like this one

i love the smell of puppies ears

i hate pictures by myself, i get incredibly awkward and most likely pull someone else in the picture.

i use blogger and refuse to switch over my blog to wordpress. not worth it in my book & I have managed to tweek it to my liking thus far (its a big fad for you non bloggers)

we do the cry-it out method, i believe every kid is different.. and it works for us. and we don't stick to strict schedules as of yet

obsessed with my little girl, i can't even count how many times a day i vocally tell her how much i love her. being a mom is the best thing Heavenly Father has blessed me with! hence to why i can't find anything better to photograph during these cold winter days


  1. I agree w. all the organic eating! I want my food to taste good lol

    I don't do green either...I trust my daughter and teach her what is bad and what is not!

    pretty packaging is a MUST!

    I get anxiety too :( I hate it and I worry WAY too much

    Pinterest is AWESOME and so addicting and helpful- LOVE IT

    CIO is a great method...I think kids need to learn how to soothe themselves.

    I am obsessed with my daughter too being a mommy is the BEST ever!

    I loved this post

  2. While I don't agree with everything here (and come on! its a good thing we all DON'T agree) a lot of it rings true with me. I too use the CIO method (well sort of - we adapt it for how it works best for us - so its probably not true CIO) and I get heck from one of my sisters that "how dare I do that to my children." Oh well. You can't win 'em all. And I too tell my two littles probably 50 times a day how much I love them and that I am so blessed to be their mother. Isn't motherhood the best?!


  3. i completely agree with all the organic nonsense (no offense to those who choose organic ways). not that i necessarily dislike it, but everything is so much more expense and there isnt a huge variety at my regular grocery store, so then it would be going out of my way to a whole foods or something. i do admit, i give in with fruits and veggies by going to a local fresh market on saturday mornings, but i actually enjoy that time and take my lil boy with me.
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. I love getting more of a glimpse of who you are! You really need to come to one of our blogger get togethers! I love Asian culture too! My room was all decked out in Asian decor when I was in high school.

  5. I loved every bit of this! Especially the part about creepy men creeping you out! xx, lj

  6. I agree I want my food to taste good.

    I also do not watermark mine but I have learned the hard way sadly to put ashleigh photography on some of them due too some people take them & are like hey I did this when they didnt :(

    I love pinterest its addicting & I found the cutest ideas ever on that little thing :) I could not imagine life without it now truthfully :)

    Loved the post sweet girl!

  7. Great post! Why is everyone switching their blog to wordpress? Why is that a big trend havn't heard

  8. We are so much alike! Especially the part about being shy.

  9. I agree with so many of these things as well!!!


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