Wednesday, February 20, 2013

in and out

so i feel bad neglecting this little side of my world for a couple of weeks and I don't think i ever mentioned other than on instagram and facebook.. but I am currently still on vacation!
We left last Wednesday, flew out Thursday & Friday boarded a 3 day cruise to the bahamas...

I was sick Thurs through pretty much Saturday,
LAMEST way to start a vacation i'm pretty positive of that..

and then we didn't have the best weather to top it off with. BUT, luckily we extended our trip because we are hanging around Miami area until Red Sox Spring training start.. which is this weekend! The weather is getting even more beautiful and I'm enjoying our much needed family vacay!

Anyways, I was not on top of things and don't have scheduled post for you..
I have done this once before, so I am opening up our personal blog (making it not listed as private)
so you can feel like you have new content coming from me!
I have to warn you though.. i have majorly slacked on that blog ever since pillow thought came about and it hasn't been fully updated after last September..

to see our personal blog unlocked click on image below

I'll start you off with some post:
Baby Alexis
Trip to New York
Eventful day in LA
weekend in LA


  1. Thank God you weren't on the Triumph Carnvial cruise...I'm scared to go on a cruise.

  2. So great that you were able to extend your trip!! Enjoy yourself :)


  3. Have a wonderful trip & so nice you could stay to make up for the sick days :)



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