Thursday, February 28, 2013


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We got off our cruise Monday before noon,
so we headed to pick up our rental cars and then went to drop off our luggage at our hotel,
but we had a couple of hours before we could actually check in - so we decided to hit up a boat show that was going on in South Beach near our hotel. We went on the cruise with Tyson's company.. and there were a couple of other families that extended so we had people to hang out with while we stayed in Miami!

Lexi had her first hot dog, within an hour it was completely gone!! Kinda exciting b/c she is picky and normally just picks at her food! Guessing she was pretty hungry b/c even at the baseball games she would ask for one and never really eat more than a couple of bites!

Lex is also obsessed with every phone in every room we stayed in during our two week vacation! She was always "calling" her cousin Kinsey and having little conversations, that were so sweet and fun to listen to! I feel like she is going through another growth spurt the past couple of weeks with her sentences and conversations. She is making way more sense of things and how to communicate! Kills me that she is getting so much older!

After we got checked in we got much needed showers & dressed for the night and headed into downtown to Bayside Marketplace to meet up with the other families for dinner at Bubba Gumps! After dinner, we headed back to our hotel and explored the beach & pool area.. which was gorgeous!!

The next day, Tuesday, was dedicated to the beach..
Miami beach waters have the most gorgeous shade of blue!!
the weather was half nice and half overcast with a couple of sprinkles.. We spent the morning at the beach, then headed to lunch, and then came back to the pool area. I cannot even begin to tell you how much easier Lexi is to vacation with. The last time we took her on a beach vacation was when she was 1. It was kind of a nightmare - not so much relaxing like every other time I had been to the beach.. so this trip was very refreshing!! 2 1/2 yrs must be the magic age for us... because she played contently and entertained herself! luckily she doesn't venture into the beach waters & when we were at the pool there was a barrier so she didn't even know it existed until Ty wanted
to go & I was able to sit there and RELAX.. so nice! And it did help that she had other friends there too to entertain her! Maycee was such a good "big sister" to her!!

After the beach we got showered and ready & headed back to Bayside Marketplace and hit up all the shops and went to dinner at Lombardi’s Ristorante. Food was good, but the service not so much.. also I went to take Lexi to the bathroom & I was about to walk in when this guy walks in with me- so i changed my mind- looked at the door sign- and it is a co-ed bathroom?!? like male & female can go into the same room - there was a couple of urinals along with a couple of stalls with doors... that's just too weird for me to be in the same room with a man, both going potty?!
haha just doesn't seem to make sense that, that is up to code!? so we held it.
(lex is still in diapers but for some reason always ask to go, multiple times when we are out in public- she seems to think it is some fun thing to explore.. which most of the time, totally grosses me out!)

The next day, Wednesday..
We checked out of our hotel. I wanted to go see Dash & have some good Pizza for lunch.. luckily we found a good little shop on our walk over to Dash (Kardashians store) so we had some amazing New York styled pizza for lunch- i obsess over some flat, long, good tasting pizza.. aka New York style. It's my all time favorite! Literally the slice of pizza was bigger than lexi's face, but she man-handled it like a little princess!!

The Dash store was super disappointing, not really all that nice inside either and they didn't have that much of a selection to choose from.. still fun to drop by though! After that we decided to get on the road and start our drive over to the other side of Florida, two hours west of Miami to Fort Meyers.

// to see the rest of our vacation post


  1. that pic, of lexi in your heels? I die of the cuteness! and her pink bathing suit! i want one in my size! glad to see you enjoyed your stay in Miami, I live a little north of Miami but its always fun to "visit" south beach
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. The boats look amazing! & I love lexi's bathing suit, super cute!! & died when I saw her in your heels :)


  3. Sounds like a fun trip! Love lexis swimsuit. Too cute. I can't wait for your post on your trip ft Meyers. The hubs and I are going there and to sanibel island with our kiddos this summer for our first family vacation. I haven't been to ft Myers in years!

  4. Oh my goodness Lindsey your vacation looks amazing!!! I love all the crisp and clean pics you took!! I cannot get over how darling your little one looked in her pink/coral bikini! :) Isn't it nicer and more fun when your kid get to a certain age and traveling isn't so bad, plus they can enjoy it more than when they are a baby :)


  5. These pictures are gorgeous! This looks like such a fun time! So glad you got to go. Little Lexi is so stinking precious! :) xo

  6. I am so very jealous of you all... I wanna be there too! The pictures are amazing! What camera do you use to take them with? I am glad you all are enjoying your trip :)

  7. Linds--

    these pics are just beautiful!! Love them all, such wonderful candids- thanks for sharing!

    XO Jenna

  8. You take amazing pictures! Looks like you guys are having a fabulous time on your two week vacation! Can you tell me what brand camera you have? Also, what lens you use! I am going on a trip to London this summer and would love a nice camera!

    Thank you


    1. I currently use a Nikon D7000 with a 24-70mm lens, go here to see the read more: !

  9. Looks like so much fun Lindsey! I am dyeing for a tropical vacation!


  10. Where did you get Lexi's coral bikini? It's adorable!!!
    I love your coral blouse and pants as well!!??
    Thank you,


    1. lexi's coral bikini is from Old Navy, as well as my coral top & tangerine'ish skinnies (jeans were last year) everything else pretty current! Made me laugh when i just went through all of that trying to figure out where everything was from and it all ended up being old navy :)


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