Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 things you may or may not have known about me

Bracelets // Cora Lane

5 Things You Didn't Know // tagged by Shelby
yes this is like the one that floated around on instagram,
but I was tagged & I'm doin it again for the blog!
i might switch it up a little

"diagnosed" with ADD in 5th grade,
i feel now, I have outgrown it -
I refused to take my medicine in High School because it made me anti-social...
and being social was the only thing i cared about those days!
I didn't actually care about school, until college.
thank you design, advertising, and photography.
finally found my outlet & my true direction.

i am so self conscious when i take pictures by myself.
i try to have someone else in them most of the time

to avoid anxiety or thinking about bad things happening,
i keep my mind filled with planning fun things.
for some reason it helps & sometimes i become to consumed in projects.

I hate the thought of any kind of surgery,
but the one I am wholeheartedly considering getting is lasik...
which still scares me to death thinking about messing with my eye sight
but. i am blind. and my contacts this past year haven't been cutting it!!
constantly having issues with them & don't even get me started on allergy season.
but don't even know if i would be a good candidate for the surgery

i am not the most outspoken person.
i am myself when i am around people I know,
but i have a hard time going out of my way to talk to people
and I seem to stick inside my comfort zone!
I hope I don't come off unfriendly to strangers..
but i am afraid that i do sometimes because of that little fault of mine!


  1. Your eye doc will tell you if you are a good candidate, but I know one of the requirements is that your eyesight cannot change for a min of two years. Meaning your prescription for your eyes can't change (get stronger or lighter) I've always thought about getting it, but it's very expensive and I have had a friend where the laser malfunctioned during her procedure...that scared me right there not to do it ever... lol Still, I hear you! :) New to your blog, you have a beautiful little family and space here in the blog world!

  2. I am the same way as #5 sometimes! I can be so awkward with small talk with strangers i worry sometimes i come off unfriendly! Having a baby kinda forces you to get over that tho cause they just start waving and saying hi to everyone haha loved this post, i have been wanting to do something similar on m blog soon!


  3. I an SO number 5 too!!! I have the hardest time with strangers. I'm not comfortable talking to them, but never want to appear rude!

  4. I love posts like this! You are so pretty. Don't be self-conscious about taking photos alone- although I get how you feel. I always feel like a giant goober when I pose for photos.

  5. Number two and number five sister! I'm right there with you! Thanks for your absolute honesty. I love it! Oh, and number four...no hospitals for me, thanks. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Love that you turned this into a blog post. I've always been intrigued by everyone's 5 things. :)


  7. Yay!! I'm so glad you kept it rolling!! I loved finding these things out, and I'm with you about number 2 its so hard for me as well! But you are a beauty, so you should do more of yourself :)


  8. Oh, man! I never really felt any sense of fear toward surgery until I was faced with one! Then, all the risks came to the surface.. BUT I clearly got through it. It's so weird.. how you can be so out! Seriously though, we can be LASIK buddies. My vision is terrrrrible. Think: coke bottle glasses. It's like Mr. Magoo, or something. LOVE finding someone like me though! :-p xx

  9. You are gorgeous! love the bracelets

  10. I am the same as you when it comes to #5! :) I know exactly what you mean. :) I love your jean jacket, it's the perfect color! xo

  11. I am so number 3 & 5!! I love the this outfit!! i might need to buy a jean jacket soon!!

  12. Lindsey,

    You are a diamond in the rough. Your honesty is so pure. Just so you know, I can't wait to read your blog everyday (or almost), as YOU are entitled to a well needed vaca:-)
    Seeing your raw talent, one would never know. Your family, home, blog, etc look so perfect, yet you are being real~~which is so encouraging to others reading your blog.
    My youngest daughter is probably ADD, we just never had her "diagnosed". We have worked with her over the years (keeping her very busy on swimteam etc) and now she has bloomed into a beautiful 17 year old. When you described yourself, I see her. She is CRAZY fun to be around, C R E A T I V E, although extrememly shy around others (especially high school)and has anxiety & fears (don't we all?). As many of her friends will be attending prestigious colleges, she struggles grade wise, but is so together, knows WHO she is (as much as u can at 17) and has high standards, good morals & values, unlike some of the so called "cool" friends she used to have. My point is, we want to encourage her to possibly attend a vocational school, graphics/design/photography like you have done. Do you have any suggestions? We live in Northern California. We suggested San Fran (where I was born & raised) but she said no way. Just thought I would run it by you.
    Once again, I am probably closer to your Mom's age, was gifted with having children at age 37 & 40 (miscarrigaes), etc. So don't ever give up on that dream either, as I am living proof! And I would not change a thing! Love being the Mom of one daughter (just accepted in Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo) and my youngest I mentioned. Keep inspiring us, we adore you♥♥♥Kimber & co♥♥

  13. jjswimchicks@surwest.net

  14. oops!

  15. I have ADD too but wasn't diagnosed until the summer before my Soph year in HS. I was on both Ritalin and Aderal in HS and they both caused severe mood swings, loss of appetite and sometimes suical thoughts. But I continued to take it because it helped me in school. To get me through college I took Concerta which only seemed to affect my appetite, or lack there of. While I do not feel as though I have outgrown it, I haven't used medications for it in years. I don't really like how they make me feel. I just rely heavily on caffeine now if I need any help:)

  16. you are super pretty and i love your blog! don't take this as an insult but just an observation from an outsider. I think you would look five years younger and soooo much more feminine and pretty if you ditched the heavy eyeliner!

  17. i know what you mean about the picture thing. i feel like i look a lot better when i have other people in my pictures. probably because my smile is more natural that way. when i'm by myself i tend to tense up :p ahaha

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