Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bowman Beach

 ready. set. go.

ty got word that there were some good seashells right past the shore,
and lex being the shadow she is..
insisted she go with him...
she might have got dunked a little in the process ha

he found three of these gems!

 you would think she would learn, from their last water fight...

 getting dad back

// both of our baithing suits are from Target

I am officially finished posting pictures from our two week vacation!
Sunday, before our two hour drive back toward Fort Lauderdale
(Ft. Lauderdale is where we had to fly out the next day..)
we decided to hit up the beach one last time!
This time we headed to Bowman Beach.
We grabbed subway on the way & had our bags all packed and ready in the car.

Sadly, this is the same day we lost lexi's baby blanket!! It was in our hotel room - we stayed at that same hotel for a good 4 nights.. and then somehow checking out day i realized i couldn't find her blanket anywhere.. and i know one of those nights she for sure slept with it! I called our last hotel & ty ran back in to the currrent hotel after for sure knowing it wasn't in the car.. to see if it had gotten picked up with house keeping... they couldn't find it at either places! I was soo annoyed! It was my favorite blanket of hers and it has been with her the past 2 1/2 years! Sadly I still called back a couple days after we got home to just see if it happened to turn up and it hadn't! I just know it got picked up with the sheets!! But o' well can't do anything about it!

The first day in Miami when we were at the beach.. she wasn't too fond of the sand. she quickly got over that and and couldn't have been more bothers being buried in it! Ty attempted making her a little mermaid.. but it didn't last long!
Anyways, we ended up calling the beach quits after it started getting chillier and headed 2 hours east to Fort Lauderdale. It was such a fun drive back, lexi conked out & I enjoyed a good ole 2 hour conversation and music with the hubs! Lexi slept every bit of it!

oh, and five minutes from our hotel. we get lost.
for like a whole other hour - apparently our iphone gps and the address on their website were completely non existent. so me telling him a wrong turn + construction + wrong address.
ended our night in some annoyance!
but luckily,
their was a chipotle literally right outside of our apartment.
so that made up for that & we took it back to our room and just relaxed!
oh and then ate it again before we headed back to the airport the next day.

We had to take our rental car back by 1 & our flight didn't leave til 4...
so we had quite a bit of time at the airport..
luckily we filled that time with food & go fish & old maid!
Lexi did good both flights!
slept the entire long one & awake for the short one!
she did the same for the flights out there too!

 for all of you that have ever asked..
this is Lexi's "no pictures" moment

except i still got a grin out of her :)

Late Monday we got back in to SLC, Utah (not our home) but they have cheaper flights so we stayed with my sister that night & hung out til after lunch and then made the drive back up to Idaho. We had lunch at Zuppahs. I instagram'med all of that - but for all of you who don't follow there... that place is amazing!!

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  1. Awesome shells!

    I LOVE both of your suits

    Really stinks about the blanket!

  2. Love those sea shells! They are too darn cute :) I am glad you all had a wonderful time together. I loved the photos but then again I think I have loved them all :) I feel bad about her poor little blanket I would have been the crying mamma along with crying little girl... Little miss looks like she loved the beach!

  3. So cute! Looks like you guys had a great time! We just got back from Florida too! We were on Sanibel island! Newest follower <--

  4. That green bathing suit!!! Where is it from?? I don't even have a girl but seriously want to buy it just in case I do one day haha!

  5. Love that first pic of lex...its needs to be framed asap....and its spelt zupas!

  6. Love all your suits, so cute! & that so sad about her baby blanket, I hate when that kind of stuff happens :/ looks like a great ending to a lovely vac a!


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