Tuesday, March 26, 2013

pictures that made me smile last week

Finally the snow is melting!
We also tried curlformers on Lexi's hair & loved them!!
I put them in her hair the night before after she got out of the bath
and let her sleep on them, then took them out the next morning!
best of all, no hot tools on her hair!!

 jeans: old navy | top:oshkosh | sweater: target | shoes: childrens place
curlformers: sallys | bow: a little lady shop

Last Saturday morning,
Lexi got her first hair cut!! She had just woken up and was still so somber.
  She sat there so still and just watched her cartoons!!
(We just trimmed up the ends!)

The other night me & ty had a date night,
just the two of us.
i planned a little drive-in picnic date,
since the drive-ins aren't quite open...
we set up camp in the back of our vehicle and rented a redbox

i got a little paranoid being in the middle of no where
especially when we got out to take pictures of the amazing star-lit sky!
there is no way I'd make it in a tent..
which i still have yet to ever do,
even though I say I would like to do it,
i'm sure I would sike myself out!!


  1. her hair looks perfect! i might have to try those on my oldest!

  2. What a fun date night! I don't blame you on the tent thing. I tried it once and didn't sleep a wink all night with all of the anxiety I felt. I'm definitely a hotel girl.

  3. I love the photos under the stars! And I'm the same way with being outdoors at night. I don't know what I think is out there but you're definitely not alone in being too on edge for camping.

  4. Those first couple photos of Lexi taking pictures with her camera are adorable! I also love your date night photos. What a great idea.

  5. Seriously most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!!!

  6. Had to pin that first photo. So completely adorable. She is beautiful:)

  7. Wowwwwsies, those are such nice Pictures!!! Your little one is one cute little Princess :)

  8. Totally swiping that date night idea. So fun!

  9. Oh my gosh, these pictures. Your daughter is absolutely stunning. And the sky, beautiful.

  10. I love all of these pictures! They are so precious. The hubs just surprised me with a brand new camera today and I am just learning how to use it. It is so fun to play with. xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. Be sure to enter our $50 Lisa Leonard gift card giveaway: http://www.lynnandlou.com/2013/03/double-outfits-lisa-leonard-giveaway.html

  11. Beautiful song, with beautiful photos, your daughter is getting so big! She looks so precious! And the the last photo is absolutely stunning!

  12. I really love the beautiful pictures! :)

  13. I love your daughters outfit. She is so cute.
    The pictures of the stars are breath taking. love!

  14. I love stars!I wish my night sky looked like that! I live too close to a big city =(

  15. Such a great idea for date night!

  16. She is sooooo cute! My fav is the second one of her with the camera! Such a cute date night idea too! First time on your blog and looking forward to following you :-)

  17. Your date night looked amazing, such a super great idea! I have never done the camping thing either, maybe one day I will. Maybe!

  18. lexi's eyes are STUNNING. like those pictures of the shining stars! so bright. did you shoot them raw? ive never been able to get stars to show! happy you 2 enjoyed date night!

  19. Her curls are too cute & how did you manage such awesome pics under the stars, phenomenal


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