Friday, March 8, 2013

why can't it be summer all year long

little one// fedora: marketplace in bahamas / top: osh kosh / pants: ruum / sandals: old navy

First of all,
I am so jealous of everyone who can wear no jacket or boots all winter long!
I am such a warm weathered person and it makes me miss the south!

But however,
this is just more proof my hair hates humidity!
that i don't miss!

stay tuned for one more vacation post!


  1. mt thoughts exactly. but we are still in jackets here:( boo
    you both look beautiful.

  2. i would love if it were warm all year round!! your little girl is so stinkin cute. happy friday!


  3. I couldnt agree more! it would be perfect at like 50-85 all year long! that way its warm and cold enought o wear whatever we want!! Lex is just adorable!!!


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