Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter & our 7 yr Anniversary

Never Stop (Wedding Version) by Safetysuit on Grooveshark

notice the heart in the mountain?


Lexi got a baby for Easter,
the water baby ones where they feel "real"
I saw it at Target the night before and it brought me back to my childhood and I was sold!
and she loved hers!

Easter Sunday fell on our Anniversary,
Tyson flew back into SLC on Thursday night from his trip to Miami,
(his grandfather is doing well btw)
He had a work thing in SLC that Friday so we decided to stay the weekend,
so on Sunday we headed down to temple square,
revisiting the same place that we were married 7 years ago.
It was such a gorgeous day and we couldn't have spent it in a better way!

Oh, and Saturday night.. I started feeling sick.. and I just knew I was about to start coming down with something and you better believe I prayed like crazy not to be sick on our Easter and Anniversary..
Valentines and the Cruise trip was coming back all too familiar..
and go figure we were in SLC in a hotel just like that time!
I got sick twice,
but luckily after the second time I got in the shower and felt pretty good and decided to just go about our plans for the day and luckily felt good for the remainder of the day! Pretty sure I got food poisoning from the day prior?! Whatever it was I was sooooo soo happy it didn't linger!

it's sad when you can start to notice yourselves finally aging ;)
love you ty!!


  1. love the post! so sweet!


  2. Y'all are such a beautiful family. And you do not look like you're aging.

  3. beautiful little family! i love this song also!

  4. How cute are your flashback photos?? Looks like Lexi had a fun Easter ;)

  5. Love the picture of your wedding! You made one beautiful bride!

  6. You always have the best pictures on your blog, but I especially loved seeing some of your wedding pictures! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Can you tell me where you got your pale pink maxi?

  8. Happy anniversary! Yes please share where you got that maxi. It's so cute

  9. The heart in the mountains! So amazing that you saw that!! How adorable are the pics of your little girl and her baby dolls! I was always carrying a baby doll when I was younger, and talking to it as if it understood what I was saying!

  10. Love her little ruffle dress. So darling! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.


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