Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gift Idea // for the husband

 I was also able to to review Rag & Bone Bindery instabooks
so for our anniversary I decided to go through my instagrams
where I found 6 different pictures that meant something special to me,
that represented why i love and appreciate this man I married.

After I printed my images (printed at walgreens with this tutorial)
I used their tape that they supply to tape down the four corners,
then used washi tape on the tops to add an extra touch.

I had this box that was from TJ MAXX with impossible wooden puzzle pieces
so I took the puzzles out and added 6 little papers
that explained what each of those photos meant to me!

I actually gave him this gift on our car/movie date (a week before our anniversary)
because I knew it was going to be the last one on one "date" we had together for a while
 --this is a review for their product but all ideas & opinions are my own--

Other Ways to print Square Photos:
Postal Pix //
free app that prints from your iphone library for 29¢
Fast shipping, matte finish, mobile shopping

Print Locally //
If they are on your phone.. which i don't because I have to dump photos every 2-3 mo.
b/c of storage so this was not the easiest way for me b/c i no longer have 3 mo.+ ago instagrams.

But if you do have your photos in your photo library,
you can bring your phone or flash drive to your local printer and request square photos.


  1. Another idea I have to pin! Would love to make this soon:)

  2. such a sweet post! I want to try it! :) btw love the theme of your blog! one of my fav's!!!

  3. i love postal pix! i just printed some bump photos for the nursery. this gift idea is so sweet, ill have to make one up sometime soon!

  4. i love that!!! I will have to make one of these soon

  5. LOVE THIS! I want to make one now. (:


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