Friday, April 5, 2013

The Way I See You Challenge // Week 1

Today starts a new mini series, The Way I See You
it will be taking place here every Friday for the next four weeks.

I was contacted by another fellow blogger a couple of weeks ago to
collaborate with a group of Mom Bloggers vowing to capture our kids the way we see them.
100% of the inspiration behind this idea comes from the site You Are My Wild.

As Lexi has gotten older, I have noticed myself stop pulling out my camera to capture all of those little things, that I used to be so good at making sure to capture. She doesn't hit those monthly growth spurts like discovering her face in a mirror, crawling, standing, or playing with new objects..
Her growth spurts these days are more verbal, being less hard to capture through the lens of a camera and let's be honest the iphone captures 85% of all those other little moments through the day.

SO I was excited about this little project,
it's challenging me to get out my camera & photograph lexi's little moments, just candid.
Her, in her every day element.

Without further ado, here's The Way I See You week one.
I love that each of these momma's are the only ones who know the story or meaning behind each photo. 

Want to join along? Use the hashtag #thewayiseeyouchallenge on Instagram.
Who knows, maybe it will get featured next Friday right here!
Don't have kids? Who cares, document the ones you love the way you see them:)
Also, check out #youaremywild hashtags.


  1. This is such a great collaboration idea. and what sweet little kiddos.

    LOVE Lexis boots!!!

  2. Thanks for joining along Lindsey! SO glad:)

  3. I loooove this! These children are all so adorable!! Your little one seriously has thee cutest facial expressions :) I need to do better with taking photos of my kids too! I love this mini series!


  4. Your blog is so adorable, your kiddo (and her amazing expressiveness) is awesome and I'm excited that you're joining in on this collab too! Happy weekend! xo


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