Monday, April 22, 2013

pictures that made me smile last week

if there is sun and warm weather,
you better believe we will be out soaking out in it.
i am such a warm weathered person

while everyone else is at work,
me & lex grabbed some bbq and brought it back to my parents and ate lunch outside!

We have been pretty lucky having fairly good weather since we have been here!
I actually kinda dread heading to Chicago
because it is still so cold and rainy there
but we miss ty,
so we will brave the dreadful weather anyways.
and hopefully the weather keeps getting better there!

on my wish list:
we need a permanent back yard some day!
it is my all time favorite just hanging outside
eating, playing, and finding furry little friends
it's the best kind of day

 skyping with her cousin, they are obsessed with skype

Navy & White Stripe Lace-Trim Tankin by Penelope Mack // zulily deal

toddler navy dot w/red ribbon rain boots // target


  1. She so reminds me of my daughter at that age.. .little sassy!

  2. Her little swimsuit is ADORABLE. This post makes me miss my family. I can't wait for warm weather and swimsuits!

  3. your pictures are so beautiful! you're lucky that you get to enjoy that nice weather (it's raining here in Wisconsin) while eating that delicious food! now I want bbq!! (:

  4. Such lovely photos, her little swim suit is the cutest x

  5. she is so cute!! all of these pictures make me so excited to have kids and hopefully a girl:)

  6. This is soo adorable! Now if ONLY I could wear the same outfit without the weird looks...


  7. I love the photos! All of them are so sweet :)

  8. The rain boots and swim suit= DYING!!! These all made me smile too. :)


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