Tuesday, May 28, 2013

chicago with the parents // part two

lexi's bow c/o sweetnessaboos

Having my parents here visiting for the weekend and having to say bye to them,
just keeps reminding me that FAMILY is the most single important thing in life.
I cherish all of the memories we make especially when they are made with the ones we love most!
It's always hard saying bye, now days it seems it's hardest for Mimi & Lexi.. :) 
Lexi is truly their little shadows when they around!

the last day of our memorial day weekend,
we headed downtown,
had lunch at the cutest little industrial designed pizzeria called Lou Malnati's..
I'm not a Chicago style pizza kinda girl so I opted for the thin crust which was still good!

After lunch we headed to Sears Tower,
where we stood in a two hour line with a bazillion other tourist to reach the 103rd floor and braved stepping out on the ledge! I am soo afraid of heights so I am still kinda shocked I went through with it.. and to all my surprises my dad is the one who was most hesitant.. because he doesn't trust the construction builders but my parents braved it too!

Then we headed back to my parents hotel and let Lexi swim awhile then headed to dinner at Uncle Julio's! We were all wiped out after dinner and met back up to say our goodbyes at breakfast!

tourist tips //

+Head to North Chicago around the Mariano Plaza for some good eateries if you are ever visiting Chicago!

+Don't go to the Sears Tower on a holiday weekend if you can avoid it.. we were crammed in there like sardines and trusted that they do pay attention to weight limits for that ledge :)


  1. Her little outfit is adorable. Love that pic of her on her tippy toes. What a fun trip:) Chicago is beautiful this time of year!

  2. I love all your pictures!!!

    I give you mad props for going out on that....I too am afraid of heights and there is no way I would ever go up there!

    Love yours and Lexis outfits!

  3. Such sweet pictures! I love love your yellow polka dot pants. They are the cutest!!

  4. Loved looking at all your pics! You seriously take thee best pics! I would be terrified of that glass floor too! And 2hrs!!??? Wow, talk about a touristy place! And CUTE pants!!!


    1. PS: And of course Lexi looks so cute with her bow!! Love her whole outfit!! :)

  5. The first Picture looks so much like downtown Frankfurt :) I love all the Pictures! And it looks like you had an amazing Time with the Parents :)

    Happy Tuesday!


  6. I loved this post about your weekend, It makes me want to take a trip there! hmm maybe that will be in the plans soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Stephanie Vainer
    editor of www.stephypenny.com

  7. You're daughter's outfit though..she is so cute! This trip looks so great too, I love any and all cities. I want to visit so bad

    Caprice creation.blogger.com

  8. awww such a cute little family :)


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