Monday, May 6, 2013

getting settled in chicago

We flew into Chicago on Wednesday night,
we were officially almost away from Ty for a month.
that time span sounds like forever
but it's crazy how fast it went!

It's always sad leaving my parents,
it warms my heart to see how attached Lexi gets to them!
It always feels soo good to be home! (home being where I grew up)

We have been getting settled in our new place for the next 4 months,
I talked myself into attempting potty training, since I feel we are halfway there...
am i the only mom who still feels not ready for that task??
i have talked myself out of so many times
because I want to go and do things and not worry about
having to find a bathroom at her beckon call.
i just need to suck it up!
maybe I will attempt it again this next week?

we also went to a childrens museum & chicago cubs game over the weekend!
since we have visited Chicago a couple of other times
we aren't in too big of a hurry to start on all of the touristy things!

It's been nice to be together as a family though!
Sundays are becoming my favorite day of the week because ty works the rest,
I just have to keep telling myself its only for four more months!

oh and diggy, our dog, celebrated his 7th birthday Sunday :)


  1. I had trouble with my two year old when trying to potty train. I was super afraid of public restrooms. I started introducing her to the potty at 12 months nothing happened. She wasn't a big eater so giving her treats definitely wasn't going to help. However when she was ready it happened so fast. No accident nothing. One thing i do is I take her potty chair thing with us. Thus far she has not had to use a public toilet. so that my sort of tip for you.

  2. Children's museums are always fun!! I also am in LOVE with that minnie mouse soap :D

  3. Princess panties worked wonders for us :)

  4. I love your pictures of your little princess! glad you are getting settled in!


  5. my hubby wants to move to chicago!
    im so glad you are all together again!

  6. My son is like 2 weeks older than Lexi and I'm there too, stared a few times and he does great but always put the diaper back on to sleep and go out, i know i need to do help him with this because he's 3rd bday is around the corner ! good luck to you

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  8. I LOVE Chicago! It's awesome that you get to live there!... On another note, how old is Lexi? My Daughter will be 2 1/2 at the end of June and she has absolutely NO interest in it. I'm getting a little antsy, I want her to potty trained so bad, but I totally feel you on the other hand! Love your blog!


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