Friday, May 31, 2013

lilacia park

romper / h&m | belt & sandals / zara | bow c/o: a little lady shop

a couple of weeks ago,
we wandered over to Lilacia Park quite a few times while everything was still in bloom.
It's an 8.5 acre garden that was flooded with lilacs & tulips, suprisingly my allergies haven't got the best of me since I have been here in Chicago.. they hit me in Memphis, and normally hit me in Idaho during the summer months.. so I'm just waiting for them to catch me, but I will be glad if they don't find me here! I have no clue what I'm allergic too, and I've never had them in my life until after Lexi was born.

other good news in our house is that Lexi is officially potty trained we have gone one full week of no accidents and boy am I soo happy I never fully pushed the whole potty training thing until she was ready!! It has been suprisingly easy this past week and baffles me how long she can hold it.. I will ask her frequently if she needs to go while we are out running errands but she is pretty good about telling me. I was also nervous about through the nights but have yet to run into any problems there.. this morning was the first morning she actually woke up saying she had to go potty. Which makes me so happy she gets it. Feeling blessed this hasn't been a nightmare process!

my tip for any moms // don't rush it! they are ready when they are ready and don't let others make you feel like there is a certain time span your child needs to be potty trained by! She has been to the point in this last 6 months where I thought she was ready b/c we were already frequently going to the bathrooms out in public even with diapers on.. and we tried panties a couple of times but never did go more than a day with trying them out - Mom has to be ready too, and I haven't been until I decided this past week that I needed to suck it up and stop being lazy! Sometimes diapers sounds so easy, so I'm sure I was a big part of why I waited longer than most moms. But, once we started potty training day 2 we had 2 accidents but after that day, I realized that I needed to be asking/reminding her to go potty frequently and once I learned that.. things were smooth sailing from there!

oh, and just in case you don't already know.. those are the most amazing smelling flowers ⇣


  1. These photos are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  2. beautiful photos!!

    I love her outfit...h&m kids has such cute stuff!!

    Everyone keeps asking me if we started potty training yet I keep telling them shes not even 2 yet! When she is ready then we will start! While I hate buying diapers, I dont want to rush her before she is ready

  3. Beautiful images, wow!
    Leyla xx

  4. My favorite one is the last photo of Lex... She looks precious in it however all the photos are wonderful! I am glad she is potty trained that without a doubt makes things easier :)


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