Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

The Lucky One by Jess Penner on Grooveshark

 i'm throwing this picture in,
Ty kicked me out of the kitchen on Mother's day to fix this delicious lunch
- i'm picky and these are all my favorites..
my husband seriously has mad cooking skills, he picks up where i lack!

Dear Chicago,

From your streets lined with tulips which supply endless amounts of window shopping in buildings that carry every imaginable store inside them, with eateries around every corner, to your city night lights accompanied with hot chocolates and carriage rides where I could cuddle up under a blanket with my sweet family.

you haven't disappointed and you made my Mother's Day weekend even more amazing!

Outfit Details // Cardigan & Jeans: Old Navy | Hat & Top: Banana Republic


  1. Your family and pics are so beautiful!! I love your hat, can you share where you got it?

  2. I LOVE Lexis kissy face when yall are giving each other kisses. So sweet! Miss ya!

  3. BEAUTIFUL weekend. I want to go back to Chicago someday and really sightsee. A few hrs while on a mission team, just didn't quite cut it. ;-) Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  4. I'm so mad we didn't go downtown with you guys. Caleb didn't even tell me!

  5. oo we love rosebuds! such great pasta!
    happy mothers day!

  6. didnt see your lovely hat at BR online! boo!

  7. such an adorable family!! Looks like you had the perfect mothers day!!!


  8. Make sure to check out Glen Ellyn. Great little shops, restaurants and during the 4th of July the best fireworks over Lake Ellyn and a cardboard boat regatta. Its like a fairy tale town....I could be a bit bias since I great up there, but it is great!

  9. Looks like the perfect mothers day! I just love Chicago! I can't wait to bring my daughter to that American Girl store in November when I fly out for my sister's wedding! Great photos :)

  10. lovely family and amazing pictures


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