Friday, May 24, 2013

red sox vs. white sox

Monday Ty took off work so we could go to a Red Sox game,
we loved having an extra day with Ty all to ourselves!
one day a week sometimes just doesn't cut it!

We never know when his friend Clayton will pitch..
but we lucked out and were able to see him throw!
Red Sox were playing here M,T, & W and they were all suppose to be rainy and colder so we were debating about which day to go.. but Monday morning came around and it had the least chance of rain so we decided to just go ahead and do Monday. It didn't end up raining until right as we were leaving the stadium! It turned out to be a nice night at the game but Tyson was stressed driving home in it, ha! Just glad i have him to drive in those situations!!

also, Ty found us in the background of the Red Sox instagram feed
it's the little things that make us smile ha!

Wednesday morning we drove into the city to have breakfast with Clayton,
we left around 9 and it took us about an hour to get there with traffic..
luckily on the way back home it only took us about 30 minutes!
Wish there was no traffic or I'd most likely be down there every day!
Love the city!!


  1. Looks like you guys are already having tons of fun. That's so fun you've been able to see Clayton pitch so much. Lex looks all grown up in this post. Miss you guys.

  2. I love the faces that Lexi was making. She is too precious! And I had to laugh at all the pictures with the HUGE Stanley signs in them. My husband works for Stanley!;)

  3. Oh my goodness, her pouty face is so sad! But too cute at the same time!! And her outfit was just so cute! That's so cool that you guys saw that you were on their feed in the background! Your famous!! ;)



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