Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a weekend of festivals

Strawberry Festival//

We were able to go to Swedish Days Festival in Geneva on Saturday
(thank you to whoever left that suggestion!)
then we were able to go to the Strawberry Festival in Long Grove on Sunday
both were a lot of fun and in cute little towns!
I fell in love with the shops & gelato from Graham's 318 in Geneva
it seriously left me craving some the next day!
we didn't see much of anything Swedish related, wondering if we missed that portion of the festival?

the first thing we did when we got to the Strawberry Festival was let Lex ride a pony
she has never been the brave little girl,
so i was kinda shocked she went through with it and didn't need to hold on to Ty
it was also bazillion degrees out that day
so we were all a little hot and irritable
a strawberry lemonade with some chocolate covered strawberries
were my first choices and tasted amazing!
lex also loved the berry go round, jump house, & ball pit
we got back to the car just in time
because not even two seconds after we got on the road it was down pouring!


  1. That looks like such a fun time!! And boy do those treats look scrumptious!

    Also, I love your super long hair :)

  2. I just love her little outfits & shoes! I am glad you all was able to enjoy some family time together. I would have loved to been there & enjoyed the festivals.. Things like that are so fun too me :)

  3. The festival looks like such a great time!! And you got some great shots!! And of course little Lexi is just a doll in her cute little outfit! I loved her little painted toenails!! And you looked pretty as always friend!! :)



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