Monday, June 3, 2013

baseball on the rooftops

 and i am fully aware we are way blurry :)
you take what you can get, when you have someone else take over the camera!

 and don't mind our half smiles.. not so good at taking family pics that day!
^not our rooftop, but I kinda forgot to take pictures yesterday^

Over the weekend my husbands work treated all of their local employees to the Cubs game,
we got to watch it from the Ivy League Rooftop
no lie, this was the most legit way to watch a baseball game..
and I HIGHLY recommend the one we went to because our seats were amazing..
not just the view.. but the seats were all cushiony on the bum side
I stayed in the cafe part because it had been quite chilly and rainy that day
but when I finally decided to go up to sit with everyone I was pleasantly surprised
it literally felt like we were in the ball park with free food/beverages & way comfier seats!


  1. brrr looks a little chilly but so fun!


  2. you have the most beautiful family, this looks like a blast!

  3. I want to do this someday!! It always looks like fun. You all still look gorgeous even through your half smiles. Such pretty faces!!


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