Saturday, June 8, 2013

fridays farmers market

Yesterday, we headed over to a farmers market,
had lunch at the cutest little place, Blackberry Market and ate outside on the patio,
and then browsed around some shops
lexi had an accident in one of the stores..
luckily I still had a spare set in my purse from potty training week
a couple of weeks ago for this very reason.
funny enough, this morning was the first morning she woke up from being asleep and told me she had to pee really bad. I'm sure we will run into a few of these accidents here and there.
still can't totally complain about our potty training experience

We also hit up a library,
it might have been the first time I have been in a library in a long time!
(not including college -but that still has been three years ago)
it made me feel like I was in school again, like middle school
and i'm not so sure I miss that feeling ha!
not really sure how teachers do it,
once I was done with school I was ready to be done with school.

looking forward to more fridays like this one!


  1. All of the fruit looks so lovely! Looks like a really nice farmer's market! Also, Lexi is a doll!

  2. Beautiful pictures - I'm so hungry now! Lexi looks so adorable, especially those pants!! Xxx

  3. I would love your potty training secrets! I need to start with sophie soon..

  4. These photos are AWESOME. So pretty. Love your day. :)

  5. Lovely Pictures Lindsey !


  6. Ok ... Now I am positive we are neighbors! Blackberry Market is almost in my backyard!! The Farmer's Market is quite tiny but they do have such a selection. Hopefully we will run into each other at some point. Also, on Saturday's there is a french market the next town over!

  7. Just getting caught up on your blog. You should definitely try and check out my hometown, Geneva, while you are in the Chicago area. It is only a short drive from Glen Ellyn (West of the city), the Metra even lets you off in the downtown. Cute, small downtown area with some fun shops. (Great jeans at Mish Loft) Grahams 318 is a cute coffee/ice cream/chocolate shop in town and I'm sure your daughter would love the dessert fondue. Island Park is also close by and is a great space to hang out, feed ducks, etc. You can also rent bikes across the street at Mill Race Cyclery and cruise around the Fox River. The Herrington Hotel is great for an adult night away - great hotel & beautiful right on the Fox River. If you want to check it all out, Swedish Days at the end of June is fun for the family with vendors, a carnival, shops, etc. Enjoy Chicago and the burbs!

    1. thank you so much for leaving these tips!! I will deff. be checking them out! :)


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