Sunday, June 23, 2013

june 20th

 (lexi's getting so brave! i was shocked she attempted the kid zip-line)

Last Thursday was Tyson's birthday,
I woke up before the other two and got our kitchen table all set out with his gifts, little party hats, & little party blowers.. Ty normally sleeps in and me & Lex are first to get up so I thought for sure we would be able to surprise him with our hats & party blowers but he ended up coming out shortly after I finished setting up.. so i made him sit at the table while me & Lex got our hats on and blowers going then we let him open up his presents!

Lex wasn't very good at keeping his presents a secret this year, she tipped him off on the party blowers, balloons, and hats.. a couple days prior to his birthday and the balloons the night before.
all the things I guess she was most excited about, she is also kind of OBSESSED with birthdays right now and I'm sure she is going to love it when hers comes around this next month!  She already tells me what she wants for her birthday, which is pretty much anything she sees.

Ty ended up working (he has a pretty flexible job so he could have taken it off)
so we ended up going to lunch with him to Chik-fil-a (Lexi's pick)
After that me & Lex ended up going to the splash park that afternoon... 
Once Ty came home from work, I had made plans for a date night just the two of us.
We had reservations for Harry Caray's,
since it was so late we were basically the only ones in the restaurant but it made for a nice and quiet evening just the two of us. After dinner we headed to the movies to see "Now You See Me" which we both enjoyed! Nights out just the two of us are very rare and each time we have one it's so refreshing!!


  1. Is that Ty Warner Park?
    We were just there with our daughter on Thursday...

  2. She is darling!! My little girl is 10 months! I can't wait until until she can walk so she can have fun at the splash pads around here in Cali!!

    Lets be blogging friends!! We write similar blogs!! XOXO

  3. Sounds like a fun Birthday! Glad you two were able to go out alone!

  4. i surprisingly thought "Now you see me" was a great movie as well!
    i LOVE these pictures of her with the water! her facial expressions! and she looks so grown up! what ever are you going to do lindsey!


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