Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lexi's 3rd Birthday Party

 so glad my parents drove up for the weekend!!

This summer Lexi has fallen in love with the cartoon Angelina Ballerina.
She watches it on Netflix and it was one of the first things
she said she wanted for her birthday theme..
I thought the theme would fade and she would move onto something different but luckily that wasn't the case! She loves watching the show & loves it when we turn on music that she can dance to!

Just yesterday she has finally said Angelina correctly
she always combined both Angelina & Ballerina together
and it would always come out something like angerina
her word ballet also comes out "allay"
sweetest words ever uttered.
We had a beautiful, hot, & sunny day for her party!
Lexi looked forward to it all week and my parents came in town just for it!
We ate, opened presents, and had cake!
We struggled lighting the candles due to it being windy
so we ended up using sparklers instead!

After cake our friends Maddi & Jaymie taught the girls a little ballet
they got to play with one of their party favors the ribbon wand!
Lexi was in heaven as she twirled around playing with all of the girls!
We are excited to put her in her first ballet class this Fall,
I am pretty sure she will love it, with the interest she has shown already!

Party Details //

Angelina Ballerina Cake Topper: Like Butter she was AMAZING for custom toppers btw!!
White Fondant Cake: Local Bakery
Pink Ribbon at bottom of cake: Joannes
Silver Platter: Hobby Lobby with scrapbook sticker jewels from Michael's along the rim.

Party Favors:
Brown Bags:
Inside Favors: Party City
Paper Clips: Michaels

Ribbon Wand -Dowel: Topsy Turvy Diaper Cakes
DIY here!!

Plates, Pink Napkins, Pink Forks: Party City
Gray Popcorn Bag: Party City
White chocolate in pink dye drizzled over Popcorn

Dipped Marshmallow //
Pink Marshmallow, dip in white chocolate, add a cute little straw and rest it on a little white stand from Joannes or Michaels in the Bakery Section

Fruit Cups: Paisley Palooza
I got ballet pink paint & watercolor-ed the bottom half to give it a touch of whimsy!

Angelina Ballerina Forks: Paisley Palooza
We found a cute Angelina sketch my cousin Lauren drew the sketch onto the wooden forks and added a touch of embroidery ribbon from Joannes to add in as the tutu!

Kids Glass Bottles: Starbucks package of 4 bottles from Target
Gray Straws: Local (similar)
Pink Lace Straw Flag: Local (similar)
Pink Drink: Pink Country Time Lemonade

Balloon Fringe // Yarn from Hobby Lobby & Mini Tassel Garland

Birthday Girl Outfit // Lace Dress & Headband from Children's Place
My Lace Peplum Top // Forever 21

I actually found it really hard to find Ballerina things for  the party,
so here are some fun things to add into your Ballerina Theme!!

Extra touches for Ballerina Parties:
Ballerina Agnes Doll / Land of Nod
Books // Barnes & Noble
Ballet Bag & Mini Hair Donut : Claires
Tutu Skirt, Ballet Slippers, Bodysuit : Target
Apps // Angelina Ballerina
Music Playlist: HERE


  1. Oh she is so precious! Its so fun to have a little girl isn't it? You made such a memorable birthday for her!

  2. What a sweet party! I love all of the details! So precious and girly!

  3. such a sweet party!! You are like the best mom ever!! So in love with your ideas and creativity!!

  4. What a beautiful party! And gorgeous little girl!


  5. Can you be my mom? You throw the best kid parties ever. What great DIY ideas! Great photos, too.

  6. PRECIOUS!!!! I love all the fun details!! The ribbon wand is toooo cute!! What a pretty angelina, ballerina party!

  7. So adorable! I own a dance studio so am definitely loving the theme she chose. Beautiful party :)

  8. I LOVED Angelina Ballerina as a child. Great party. Your parties are always so amazing. You should go into party planning business!

  9. love love love this theme and all the items you chose! so precious. I'm definitely gonna do this if I have a little girly girl in the future :) AND I love your light pink nail polish to match the theme ;) beautiful family! xo Michelle

  10. I adore absolutely everything about your blog. Your daughter is gorgeous, your style is amazing & your photography is perfect.

    Out of curiosity, what size lens did you use on this day? I recently bought a Nikon D3100 & I have the two lenses that came with the camera and I am still learning before investing in more.

    Hopefully one day I can capture pictures of my girls in this way.

    1. Thank you so much!! :)
      I currently use a Nikon D7000 with a 24-70mm lens, go here to see the rest of my "bag"

      Read more:

      also, you are a no-reply commenter so I wasn't able to e-mail you, hope you get this! :)


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