Tuesday, July 23, 2013

baseball & knights

We had another baseball game with Tyson's work..
this time it was with a minor league team in Geneva.
It was such a hott day but fun none the less!
Lex has loved having these four sisters/"friends" out here with us!

lexi outfit// top: gap | shorts: carters | sandals: H&M

We finally made it to Medieval Times..
It was on our Chicago Bucket List and it made for a fun night!!
On the ride there I made the mistake of telling my husband you can get knighted..
and of course he was all about it!
as for lexi she was so excited to go to a castle..
and see the princesses.. which they had (more medieval type of princesses)
and at the end of the show she told me,
"that wasn't disney castle"
poor thing.. she still includes that in her prayers at night..
that her dad can make her money for disney castle..
haha one day.

she curtsied for a good five minutes before the show started, with her new princess crown

our knight threw a rose up to lex, and she was totally smitten by it!

made her night!


  1. Her face after she got the flower- she is precious!

  2. Lexi is so adorable! My girls would love it there too. Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!


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