Friday, July 26, 2013

Beauty Secrets

If I had 5 "beauty secrets" that I have fallen in love with,
they would be:

1. SHADE & SHAPE your brows!
It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I started shading in my eyebrows and seriously,
it makes a world of a difference!! Don't go crazy with them but make them be noticed.
Also if you are not a pro, leave it up to the experts to shape your brows!
This too, will do wonders! I get my eyebrows threaded and I give them all the credit
in the world for making the shape look good!
 I use this shadow in Brunette & use this brush to shade it in!

Give yourself a pampering, whether it be from splurging on some lash extensions, fake lashes from the drugstore, or buying some LiLash! Your face will thank you! There is just something about having lashes that will boost your confidence in the feeling girly department!
I am not currently wearing any but I sure do miss them!!
If lash extensions bug your eyes or are too expensive for the upkeep...
try LiLash... I have used this and loved it!

3. HILITE under your brow
I used to hate the idea of having a really light color under the brow
but, I have come to realize it's very necessary for enhancing your eyes!
This look works best when you fill in your crease with a darker shade.

First I start by putting this concealer all over my lids and under my eyes
let it set for a couple of seconds to dry just a bit before rubbing it in

Favorite Base Shadows:
Urban Decay: Half Baked
Mac: Gold Leaf
(use a regular eyeshadow sponge applicator)

Favorite Crease Shadows:
Mac: Swiss Chocolate
Urban Decay:Suspect
Bare Minerals: Plush
(I use this brush)

I use this brush and this shadow to hi-lite under my brow!

4. CONTOUR your cheekbones
Oh hi? you have cheekbones?? they look amazing on you!
yes, this is one of those make up tricks that you won't want to miss out on!!
Visit & Follow my Makeup Pinterest Board to find amazing tutorials & graphics!
I use this brush & foundation all over my face then I use this brush & bronzer to contour
I contour mainly on my cheekbones & also my jawline brushing down to blend

5. Line the LIPS
I am finally branching out into trying colors..
but for the most part you will always find me in a nude shade.
You might lose my lips all together by just using this nude lip color
but by adding the lip liner on before it gives it an outline.
I'm wearing this lipliner and this lipstick in bare nude
I might do a follow up series on favorite lipstick shades.. i'll keep you posted!

Hope some of these are helpful!


  1. Love your makeup, so pretty!I especially love your eye shadow!


  2. Your makeup is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Your makeup is flawless! I have been wanting to start shading in my eyebrows and I am not sure how to do it. Yours are so beautiful! Would you please consider doing a post on how to shade your eyebrows? Thanks! Susan

    1. I will try and get something like that up within the month! Thanks for the feedback! :)

  4. Love your makeup tnk u!.....

  5. Looks beautiful! A couple of months ago I was turned on to the YouTube beauty gurus and can we say obsessed?! It really has been life changing and makes you feel so great to look nice as a busy mom! Spending the extra couple of minutes on my makeup really makes a difference :) great tips!!!

  6. What was the name of the color of MAC shadow you use to hilite under your brows?


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