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Hair Secrets

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This isn't a total secret.. because anyone who knows me.. knows I wear extensions.
I am pretty open about them and LOVE them!!
About 5 years ago I got extensions for the first time..
I had close to bleach blonde hair..
my hair was getting to the point of being beyond damaged
& it was near impossible to get it to grow long..
so I invested in hair extensions.. the glue-in kind
loved having long locks and a couple of years later I ended up
switching over to brown hair and started wearing clip ins..
which I loved EVEN more.. way less maintenance!

I now do my hair maybe 2 times a year
as opposed to practically every 6 weeks when I was blonde.
My hair is still really thin in the first place,
and it has still yet to grow to the lengths I want
so I still wear extensions.

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For about the last 3 years I have only worn Euronext from Sallys
mainly for convenience and a friend recommended that brand from the get go.
I have been pretty content with them until this summer
so I thought I might try another brand Luxy, they have more hair & longer lengths
BUT I haven't loved this brand.. they tend to shed way more
& the threading on the clips wear out fast!

make sure your hair color matches identical to your extensions..
i hate when extensions are noticeable to others
I always bought the hair then had my hair girl (Karen)
dye my hair a tad darker to match that dark brown color
both extensions & my hair would fade over time
but they faded together... which was nice
It wasn't until last spring I got brave and tried the Chestnut Brown color
to see if I could skip the dying process and keep the lighter brown look..
and luckily it matched up good enough to where we didn't have to do any dying process!
THEN here comes the important part!!
My hair girl, Karen, then blends the extensions in with my own hair..
so you don't have blunt edges and they become a natural fit.

I can wash, straighten, curl, whatever to my extensions..
They last about 4-6 months..
around 6 months you will start noticing the breakage on the ends
(if you use hot tools on them like I do)
Then you will just want to add a fresh package of extensions onto your head!

I use this Curling Iron and I start around my ear heading down
& curl away from my face -It's a 1-1/4 size barrel
Even though I wasn't a total Luxy fan, they do have fun & helpful tutorials for hair!

To get the cute top bun / sock bun look..
First off, You don't need tons of hair!
They make little hair donuts to make
your hair look like it is a perfectly shaped bun!
All you do is put your ponytail through the middle
of the hair donut and and swish your hair
around, tuck, and bobby pin if needed!
If you want to add in some extra volume or are going on day 3 of no wash..
add in dry shampoo
to see this look in an outfit post go here
and it's always topped off cute with a cute headwrap!

Image above with these extensions

more recent post like this, this, & this.. i have on these extensions
read above for my review on that brand..
Next brand I'll be trying go here

ps. stay tuned for more of my beauty secrets this week!!


  1. Ive always envied your hair! totally couldnt tell they were extensions lol.
    thanks for the post!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. This is great advice! I am very think hair too & I am trying to grow it long, I should probably invest in come extensions myself!


    1. i'm almost positive you would love them! :)

  3. wow! i never realized you had extensions! you know very well how to rock it lol. love your hair. You are one beautiful lady.

  4. You really do have such pretty hair! Thanks for the tips!! xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Love Euronext extensions!

    I recently went BACK to bleach blonde, and your color is totally making me wish I hadn't. I *know* my hair is so much nicer when I let it grow out, yet I continue to go back and forth. I think I need some new Euronexts. :)

    1. I do miss my blonde.. but I don't miss the maintenance! You look good with blonde though :)

  6. Thank you! Love it! And I had NO idea you wear extensions. I have the same ones from sallys but unfortunately don't match my hair color anymore.

    1. I have heard that you can dye the extensions if you ever want to try that! :)

  7. I, too, didn't know you had extensions. Can I ask (maybe this is a dumb question) how many for your whole head? Does one package work? Do you buy more than one? I wanna try! xoxo

    1. haha no dumb questions here!! One package is what I use... they two long rows toward the bottom half of your head & two smaller ones side to side on the temple side of your head if you are doing Euronext.. there are other brands out there that will give you more hair and you can do them accordingly.. but for me I only use about 3 "rows" :)

  8. Hey girl! You don't know me, but I'm a huge follower of your blog. All the way over here in San Diego, CA! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that you should take biotin! I've been taking it for a month a long with doing the no heat challenge. My hair was NOT growing, it just kept breaking off. I've seen three inches of hair growth this month! It's seriously amazing :)

    Jet thought I'd let you know since it seems you're open minded to others input and want to grow long hair. Take care!

    1. thanks!! I have used Biotin before, but not religiously.. maybe I need to try and give it another go for a month straight!! I wish my hair would look decent enough to lay off of no heat.. but I am thinking that would be near impossible for me ;)

  9. I never knew you had extensions! I have always been a little leery of them picturing girls with blunt cuts and clearly long chunks of fake hair but yours looks seamless and perfect...might need to take another look at them!

  10. Dumb question, but do you keep them in your hair, or reapply every morning? I have the one piece one from HairDo, and it hurts my head after a few hours, so I have to take them out and put them back in every morning.

  11. Oh I’m so glad you posted this. I am sure they will really helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  12. Wow, the chestnut brown looks good on your skin tone. I've always wanted to change my hair color to chestnut brown. Currently, I wear a Jet Black Clip In Hair Extensions by Paris Chic Style. I love the hair donuts too, so much easier with shorter hair. :)

    With Love From,
    Paris Chic Style


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