Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lexi's 3rd Birthday // July 10th

Lexis third birthday,
It was a pretty exciting event for her to say the least
It's all she talked about for the past couple of months
The night before she stayed up late with us (she had a later nap) so yes she was up at midnight.. Ty jammed out a happy birthday you tube song and we sang and danced with her in our living room.. Then we all got ready for bed.. We probably told her happy birthday atleast 15 times and with each one she would return a giddy "thank you".
Lexi sleeps in our bed as of this summer.
I stopped fighting it..
But she woke up around 7 telling us it's her birthday wake up..
We told her she had to go back to bed and sleep so she could get presents (we are not morning people) and she fell right back asleep with no fight (luckily)! I was able to creep out of bed around 8:45 and shower and start getting ready for the day she woke up probably 45 minutes later and found me wanting to know where her birthday was.. Haha so I made her go get Ty so I could put out a couple of presents for her birthday.. She came back in and we sang to her and made it a big deal. She ate it all up! Got her in a bath and shortly after that her cousin Kinsey facetimed us and they "skyped" for probably the next 45 minutes. Love technology! Once we all got ready for the day we headed downtown..

We ended up at Taste of Chicago for lunch.. Wasn't super impressed.. People had talked that way up.. So maybe that's why but I would have rather been filled up at a restaurant.. After that we took a taxi to American Girl. Lexi was in heaven! This was Tyson's big treat for her.. which I now appreciate seeing the way she acted and still talks about this doll.

We couldn't get her doll an appointment into the beauty shop (because every doll needs a beauty apt.) until 8pm so we headed to the Lincoln Zoo. It's a free zoo, they didn't have the most amazing animals out while we were there but still really glad we went! We ran out of time before they closed so weren't able to see everything! After that we took another taxi to Rainforest Cafe for dinner (to make up for the animals we missed seeing at the zoo)! They sang to her and gave her her own special cupcake with a candle to blow out! big plus. Then we walked back to where American Girl was to get her dolls ears pierced & hair done! Once we finally made it back to where we parked on the complete opposite end of Michigan Ave.. lexi was out not even 5 minutes on the interstate headed home! it was a good day!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am dying over this post! Her birthday looks like such an amazingly fun day! I would have died to go to the American Girl store when I was little!! I was so obsessed with my American Girl dolls! This made me so happy:)

  2. Sounds like the perfect birthday!! She is so cute w her doll!!

  3. Looks like a ton of fun, what a lucky girl! i love that her doll had the large marshmallow and she had the small one.

  4. Such a fun birthday! I always wanted to go to the American girl store when I was little... wonder if 25 is too old... ;)

  5. Looks like she had such an awesome birthday!

  6. She really is the most beautiful little girl on all of blogland/instagram and I'm not just saying that! And it's a shame you didnt like the Lincoln Park zoo! We LOVE it! We go right after thanksgiving every year (my dad lives in Springfield, we live in CA) and they do "zoo lights" so they deck it out to the 9's in xmas lights and blow up's and music. It's amazing! I cant believe how close you get to the animals at this zoo. And the first time I went to the American Doll place was in Chicago too. I was like 18 years old and I was mezmorized how amazing it was! Heck, I'm still mezmorized by it haha

  7. SO cute!! Oh my goodness, what a fantastic third birthday! I know she had the best day ever, especially getting an American Girl doll! :) She's precious.

  8. What a beautiful little girl!


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