Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Lately

We have been keeping pretty busy lately,
so I'll jump straight to the zoo.. we decided to go back to the Lincoln Zoo
and finish seeing the rest of the exhibits with our friends!

 zoo meerkats were a childhood favorite of mine!
 do giraffes & black tongues remind any of you of salute your shorts??
 after the zoo we headed over to Lily Pool
which felt like a peaceful zen garden!
We didn't explore any further in than the very front.. but these waterfalls were good enough for us!
After that us girls all headed to dinner & then grabbed cupcakes afterwards!

 always on the move

 Then we landed at Molly's Cupcakes,
which had cute little chain link swing seats & mouthwatering cupcakes

These four girls left us this week so we made sure to throw a little "firefly catching party"
before they were gone
we ordered pizza & waited til the sun fell and tried our chance
at catching as many fireflies as we could.

 fireflies have a VERY interesting background.. if you care to learn a little somethin ;)
you might have had a sneak into some of it if you follow on instagram

 Saturday night, me and a friend headed downtown
and had our husbands meet us after they got off work..
We originally went for the Boat Parade, but ended at Navy Pier
we stayed and watched the fireworks then decided to walk
to Millenium Park to see "the Bean"
We didn't make it over until around 11:30 and by that time the park was closed..
somehow my husband managed to talk the security guard into letting us go up and take pictures
as they were yelling at everyone else the park is closed..
still not quite sure how he pulled that one off.. but the security guard was a gem!!
we seriously got so lucky!
that thing always has a million peoples reflections in it!

hope you all are having a good start to your week!! :)


  1. absolutely gorgeous pictures!!

    I want to do firefly catching w. Breanna....just the little things make for great memories!!

    I want to go to Chicago sometime soon

    1. yes they do!! I might have been more excited than lex though.. love catching fireflies!

  2. ooooo your firefly vid/pic is sooo neat!!! what a fun post! those swings in the cupcake shop are out of control awesome!

    1. i know i need these swings/seats in my house!!

  3. I love the little gif of the firefly! So pretty!! Fireflies are my favorite!:)

  4. Such sweet pictures! Looks like so much fun at the zoo, can't wait to take our little one out to fun activities once he/she is born in November!


  5. These photos are seriously soooo adorable!!

  6. I also love the firefly gif! so pretty.
    P.S. Where are your jeans from?

  7. Lin Lin- Where did you get your brown sandals? I love them. And you. This is Meg by the way if it says Anonymous


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