Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LINEA Photo Book // simplicity is key!!

Linea is a PhotoBook company

To get started, you can download the app to your iPhone and iPad
by searching Linea in the app store,
or in the iTunes store

Once you create your account,
the app will prompt you to name your Line.
A Photo Line is essentially an album.
Once you've created your Line,
you can upload photos from your iPhone or iPad photo library.

If you have a lot of photos like I do, you can just do it on your computer,
by uploading them through the web at
(this was my preferred method)

After I got my images uploaded on my computer,
I was then able to freely edit the images in my "Line" (album)

on my ipad on the couch while I was watching cartoons with my baby girl

You can edit your Line to rearrange photos, sort photos chronologically,
zoom into photos, adjust the layout, etc.

Once the layout was the way I wanted
I was able to purchase it right then and there

You can also choose who to share it with by inputting email addresses,
Those you share with can also add photos to a Line you share,
which is great for gathering photos from family events.

Fast uploads are just the beginning.
Import photos from Facebook, your camera roll, Photo Stream, DropBox,
and from Lines you've already created.

What's even better?
You can add photos from all of your sources in one go.

The app is free
Import from Facebook
Linea is a beautiful way to browse photos
You can sync photos across all devices
You can share and collaborate with others
You choose who sees your photos so it's private
Photos are backed up in high resolution on a triple redundant server
You can easily print your photos into booksA book like mine cost $25
$25 // Classic Book: 8.5x11 hardcover includes 20 pages

$7 //
Mosaic Book: 5.7x7.8 softcover includes 20 pagesHELPFUL TIPS//
or a book you want about 100+ photos,
but depending on how you arrange them you can have more or less
.You can only edit and print books from your iPhone or iPadGet the free download link sent to you via SMS or email on their homepage

Quick VIDEO Guide for IPAD | Quick VIDEO Guide for IPHONE

Download Linea now and speed up your imports
so you can share photos and print photo books that much faster.

//this is a sponsored post, but I do not and will not ever review products I don't believe in.


  1. This is awesome -- I've been wanting to create a scrapbook for my baby (due in August) but this is so much simpler than printing photos & arranging them in a binder!


    1. Andrea, congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! Let us know how your photo book turns out.


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