Monday, July 8, 2013

those hard moments

some days when your daughter reminds you..
"i don't have a baby brother or a baby sister"
it hits hard.
for some reason lexi seems to talk about this subject more than I ever thought she would.
she is starting to see more babies come into this world with our friends
and more pregnant bellies.
i tell her i'm sorry
maybe ask Heavenly Father for one..
today when she uttered those words it struck me hard
tears immediately started rolling down my cheeks
it is such a GIFT
mother hood is something that soo so many people take for granted
and it's funny,
because I can honestly say it's something I just expected from Heavenly Father
i expected to have babies
more than one and i believe i hopefully still will
but, it's not something I ever thought would be hard to do.
people have babies every day.
and then there are those who struggle with it
who never even get to know what it's like.

"The fact that you cannot control
the things in your life,
but you can certainly control
the way you spend your life"
- kelle hampton

this is one beautiful story, that I will never get sick of.
is one of my favorite blogs to pop in on.

wouldn't it be so nice to not "want" everything that everyone else has??
just appreciate the precious life that we have already been given?
make our own lives feel like, they are the best?
i'm working on this

Our Miscarriage/Trying to get Pregnancy Journey // read about it here


  1. Praying for you sweet girl! That is such an awesome attitude to have!

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear of the struggle you're going through. We have been trying to conceive for over a year now and while I know that's nowhere near as long as some couples try, it still is hard to see other pregnant bellies. The one thing this struggle has taught me though is that I am more firmly believing in God's plan now than ever, and for that I am thankful. Whenever I'm feeling sad, I just hold my little dog closer and am thankful for everything I do have. So hold your sweet daughter a little closer during your dark moments, and hopefully it will bring you some solace :)

    Small Dog the Blog

    1. it's so true! it happens on his time!! frustrating but there is obviously good reason we just can't see right now :) hope you get blessed with a baby soon!! :) thanks for leaving your story here, its appreciated!!

  3. I have been in your shoes before, and was finally blessed to become pregnant this past January with my third. The first two pregnancies happened so fast I never thought I would have a hard time becoming pregnant again. Then my third was a molar pregnancy. And after Chemo and waiting almost two years we are finally going to have another baby. Praying you will get your little miracle soon!! Hugs!!! Your family is adorable and Lexi is precious.

  4. My thoughts are with you, sweet girl. xoxoxo

  5. i know the feeling all to well
    thinking and hoping for you

  6. This was such a lovely post :) keep your head up, its all in his timing :)
    -Deana, from BirdsandOxfords

  7. Been there. We struggled through 3 miscarriages and 4 months of bed rest to finally add Keaton to our family -- 3 year process. I definitely remember feeling like I had taken patenthood for granted and realizing what blessing it really is to be sent these sweet spirits to raise. Hang in there I remember crying on several occasions over how badly I just wanted to give kaleb a sibling and thinking about just throwing my hands in the air and accepting maybe I wasn't supposed to have more kids. Prayers and happy thoughts being sent your way!

    1. Thanks aubree! Had no idea yall went through this too!

  8. My church is doing a series on the seven deadly sins this summer and this past week our preacher spoke on the sin of "envy". It reminded me of your last blog post about miscarriages/not being pregnant yet. It is so easy to slip into the feeling of envy and seeing what everyone else has that is around you. I love this post because it speaks on the exact thing that can get someone stuck in envy, out. Great post to remind us to count our blessings!

  9. My life is like a parallel to yours. WOW! God Bless, lets hang in there in faith!!!!

  10. Oh Lindsey, this was such a beautiful post. My heart aches for you and I do hope that you continue to keep your beautiful faith in God. Thank you for sharing something so dear to your heart, I am sure this was a hard post to write. But it's a beautiful reminder for me, to be thankful and blessed for what we do already have. I know I sometimes let the fast paced world and thoughts of what others think affect me too much. Blessings to you and your family!


  11. Such a beautiful post Lindsey. I Thank you for sharing that video as well. Brought me to tears. You and your family will be in my thoughts. I will be praying you are blessed with another one when the time is right.


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