Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

  • Find a lake or pond nearby and have the kids search for a frog. If you are afraid of not finding a frog...
    Include the scavenger list to find items like:
    Lady Bug, Rolly Polly, Lizard, Birds, Ducks, Fish, Lightning Bugs, etc..
  • Summer is not complete without some sparkler fun! This is not just for the 4th of July..  running around with sparklers, will make for some fun summer nights!  

  •  Nothing will do it better for cooling off in the summers heat like yard sprinklers or splash parks! Google where your local splash park is or make use out of your own sprinklers!!
  •  Having a rainy day and stuck inside? Pull out a Kiwi Crate and let the indoor activities begin!! It's a crate filled with materials and inspiration that will arrive on your doorstep each month.
  • Nothing says summer more, than fresh fruit! Search out your local farmers market and head there with your little one to snatch up your weekly snacks!! If you want to go another route, find a field near you to pick your own fruit!
  • Make sure to take advantage of summer flowers! Make a trip to a local park, botanic garden, or just a field of wild flowers! If you go to a field, the kids can pick some to take home to put into a vase to keep the house feeling fresh!! The kids will love it!
  • The Ice Cream man is running wild in the summer!! Make sure to track him down and cool off with some cold yummy treats!!
  • Plan a day, pack a picnic and head out to your favorite spot! A picnic will be sure to make any kid feel special!! Check out this kids picnic to give you some inspiration!
  • lions, and tigers, and bears... oh my! This is a surefire day of excitement! Just make sure you don't head there too late because all zoos tend to close around 6!
  • Plan a day where dad can join and take the kids fishing! Grab a tub of worms and some little fishing rods and you are good to go! Just make sure you check in advance if you will need a fishing license wherever you travel!


  1. So cute! Love this! thanks for sharing, new to your blog :)


  2. very cute ideas!

  3. Fun ideas! I love your summer picnic, that is the fanciest picnic I think I have ever seen! So cute!

  4. love all of these ideas!!!


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