Monday, August 5, 2013

Cobalt Blue // Part 1

 Dress & Umbrella: Target | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Belt: Forever21

I am kind of obsessed with this dress
so much so,
that I bought it in both
black & cobalt blue

It was love at first sight & I got even more excited about it in the dressing room!
I love that it pairs well with a cute belt &
the dress can go in so many different directions,
making you have a different look for new occasions!!

I am such a sucker for brown tones.. so here is another way to wear it!!
Dress & Bag: Target | Wedges: Aldo

OH, and the dress is 20% off this week,
making it $20...
amazing right???
stay tuned for some more cobalt blue action on Thursday!

check out cobalt blue part 2 here!
shop these color combos with me below,


  1. This dress is so flattering! You look great, and I think I need to run to Target first thing in the morning and get one or two.

  2. Cobalt blue is so different from black no one will ever know it's the same dress. It looks gorgeous on you. Love the brown tones one!

    I went to Target on Sunday and did not find this little number. :(

    1. oh sad!! It said "Fall Preview" so maybe keep looking! It might have hit my Target store early?? I didn't find it online either! but it is one to keep looking for!!

    2. I saw other fall preview items but definitely not this one! I may just try my luck again on Friday. I'm on a shopping ban until September but for $20 I can definitely make an exception!

  3. I am loving ANYTHING cobalt lately..this dress is adorable! :)

  4. I am definitely on a cobalt blue kick right now too. I didn't see this dress online. I'll have to make a trip to Target and see if it's in my store. I hope! It's too cute!!

  5. You look amazing Lindsey!! I love that you did 2 looks for it! :) Target seems to never disappoint!


  6. Wow! I love that dress! You look amazing!


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