Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mason Bar Company

Paint by The Paper Kites on Grooveshark

I came across possibly the cutest shop..

The shop started while chatting with friends about the fact that they were always spilling their drinks in the car while using the oh-so wonderful mason jar, one thing led to another and within a few weeks, the tumbler lid came into existence and was added to their shop!

It's a patent pending, bpa free, dishwasher safe plastic tumbler lids.
The Mason Bar Company lids are also manufactured locally in California!

Seriously the owner has serious style & has one of the cutest companies!!
she also has one strong resemblance to Zooey Deschanel, added plus :)
Go ahead and treat yourself, i know you will be swooning over these babies!

she gets her buddah belly from me ;)

Blackberry Mint Lemonade:
Country Time Pink Lemonade + Water
Fresh Blackberries from this post
Mint Sprigs & Lemon Slices


  1. Love the picture! And love the look of the drinks! Must try them!

  2. Oh how cute are those!!!

    OMG that picture of her holding the drinking stinking her hip out.....DEAD!

    I need to also make that drink! Yum

  3. where did you get your headband

  4. Adorable pics!! Your daughter is such a doll! And I love the music you choose!


  5. My Hailey has that same figure...skinny minny everywhere else and then the lil ol belly! how cute!

    1. haha gotta love the Buddha belly!! It's such a funny little things for such a tiny body :)

  6. I love this! I also love how the jars are skinny so they can fit into your cup holders! Brilliant! Also loving your sunglasses!

    1. deff plus that they fit in the car cup holder!!

  7. You are looking amazing in these photos, your tan is fab. You are both gorgeous. Those tumbler lids are genius, and your drinks look delish!

  8. OMGsh, you both are the cutest things ever! ...and how funny, I just bought one of these(or something similar) yesterday! Love how adorable and spill-free they are!!

  9. Just found your blog after seeing it on eatyourselfskinny, and I just wanted to tell you that I simply adore your blog!! It is so genuine and pretty! It will definitely become one of my daily reads! :)


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