Tuesday, August 27, 2013

moments are memories

On our way out we stopped at Nye's Apple Barn for fresh fruit,
(it's right outside of Silver Beach in Michigan)
I'm kind of obsessed with fruit photography...
or any type of photography for that matter.
There is just something so so pretty about it, and I fall in love easily!!

one night,
I thought about the fact that every moment we experience through the day..
will most likely be forgotten in a year from now, or five years from now.
memories fade, unless we capture them through our lenses.. or jot down our feelings.
or keep things that remind us of a certain place and time.

these moments we experience are meant to be made into memories
memories we can keep
memories we can look back on
memories we can hold on to.

It's so so important to capture our lives if we want to remember them.
Whether it be from writing our feeling down or taking priceless photos.

I would love to start a challenge for all of you,
to take more photos,
you will cherish them someday i promise!!

if you want to join in on instagram use #momentsarememories
I would love to see all of your precious moments!!


  1. These photos are amazing..such a simple memory captured and cherished forever. Too adorable :)

  2. Beautiful and brave!~ handing my son blackberries with a white shirt on is a recipe for disaster.. but your little girl looks absolutely angelic!

  3. I agree, fruit photography is the best! When I was at Pikes Peak in Seattle I took so many pics of the fruit and veggies too. And I have a 5 year journal (amazon) that is called "a line a day" that you write down what you do so you remember years from now! I love it!

  4. I agree with what you wrote and I will completely be using that hashtag on Instagram. Love that you have given this challenge.

  5. My goodness your daughter is beautiful and I love these photographs! Still trying to get better and better with my camera and I agree one of the keys to this is just taking more photos!

  6. I love this and I also love photography...I definitely will be using the hashtag too!! What a great challenge!!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and a gorgeous little one!! I have had crazy baby-fever as of late and keep day dreaming about days like that! Those little moments are so precious!

  8. These pics of Lexi are beautiful.......She is so grown up looking...

  9. Beautiful photos! I am loving her outfit and hair. So cute! Was your hair blonde when you were little?

  10. your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! and I wish I had your photography skills. I have a decent camera and have recently become obsessed with taking pictures. I hope one day mine are as beautiful as yours
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  11. Hi what camera do you use to take your photos. I am thinking of investing on a great camera but i am having hard time deciding on which one. I know it really depends on the talent of the capturer and i think i am quite good taking i phone pics. Haha. Thanks in advance.


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