Wednesday, September 4, 2013

bear lake

Over the holiday weekend we traveled over to
Bear Lake in Utah for Tysons family reunion.

It has become a tradition with his family to go up to Bear Lake and stay at the same Blue House
which actually accommodates all of us... or at least the ones that could make it.
It's always a fun little trip and goes by super quick!

We only made it to the beach one of the days,
and Lex LOVED the go karts..
she went once with Ty and once with me!
she still seems to tiny to be in that seat but she kept telling Ty to go faster! ha

We had pretty good weather the entire time we were there,
until the day we left.. which we drove home in a crazy rain storm!


  1. You seriously find the best places to go!

  2. Adorable pictures! I found your blog about a month ago and really enjoy reading it! Really enjoy your fashion posts! Your little girl is so precious! :)

  3. Her tini bikini is the cutest thing I ever did see! Question: Have you ever done a "hair" post? Ours is about the same length, but yours looks in much better shape than mine!! What products do you use? Any tips? :)

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun!! Im planning a trip before summer officially ends, and Bear Lake looks great!



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