Thursday, September 19, 2013

my little ballerina

Lexi has been so excited for her first ballerina class..
it's technically not a ballerina class it's an all over basic learning dance class
but I let her call it that because she has been quite obsessed with the whole idea.

Lex is a more shy kid, it takes her some time to get use to people & especially in new places.
We still struggle with her staying in nursery in church by herself for the full two hours..
but I blame that on us as parents..

we travel way too much for her to get situated in one place
and get familiar enough with the same faces.. with her somewhat shy self.
if it is someone she knows and is comfortable with it doesn't take long for her to be herself..
but new places and situations take time with her.
I have started to notice that if we prep her with new ideas and get her ready
and excited about things it seems to help..
so in this case we have been talking about ballet class for over a month
and for the past couple of weeks we have been name dropping lexis teachers name
whenever she brought up her "ballerina school"
she still pictures Ms. Mimi off of Angelina Ballerina
as the type of school she was attending..
and I am more than ok with that :)

Even when we were with her cousin Kinsey last week
every time we talked about Kinseys pre-school
she would quickly respond with talking about her "ballerina school"
she was beyond "prepped" and excited for her first "class"
seeing how I didn't enroll my child in preschool..
which I half-way feel bad about now
this is her first real class other than nursery at church.

the night before we told her if she slept in her bed all night
we would go to ballet class in the morning..
sure enough 8:30 rolls around and she walks into our room
with her ballerina bag in hand
and is ready for class!
I made her lay back in bed with us until Tysons alarm went off..

As we were getting out of the car she quickly was already telling me & ty both bye..
and I reminded her that I was taking her in so I'd say bye in the building..
Once we walked in her confidence seemed to drop
it was a new place, new faces and she quickly resorted back to her shy self.

long story short she cried a bit at first once I was out of sight 
so I ended up sitting in on the class from the side
so the teacher could do her thing
luckily there was one other mom doing the same thing
she slowly warmed up to everything
making sure to glance over at me with that big smile
a smile of "look at me mom"
"are you proud? i'm doing it"
and I was just soaking it all in with that huge grin on her face

she didn't quite accomplish the "independent self" I was hoping for...
but i'm sure it will take baby steps
where she will grow confident enough
to step out of her comfort zone.

Leotard & Slippers: Target | Leg Warmers: H&M | Dance Bag: Claire's


  1. Oh be still my heart. This might be my favorite post about her that you've written :)

  2. so sweet! We are signing up Breanna in December, I cant wait...I love watching this age dance. I hope things get easier for you both

  3. There are few things sweeter than tiny ballerina feet. LOVE <3


  4. she is to die for!

    XOXO Bunnie

  5. Just give her a few more classes and she will be glowing with confidence! Trust daughter was just as shy as yours and she is doing soooo great in preschool now!

  6. Oh my god. She is adorable! I have a few more months before my daughter can be signed up for ballet but this has me wanting to run out and buy the leotard and shoes already!

  7. She looks adorable, and that looks like such a comfy bed!!

  8. Oh my goodness what a sweetheart. I hope it turns out well for her. Love those little legwarmers! I am looking forward to Veronica doing this someday.

  9. Gorgeous little girl you have there! I also have a Lexie, who has just turned three and is very excited to be starting ballet class on Monday, I hope your Lexi has lots of fun! X x x

  10. Oh my heavens those may just be the most adorable photos I have ever seen! I can't wait to have my own little ballerina someday :)


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