Thursday, September 26, 2013

ohhhh baby!

Pillow Thought was featured in a four page spread of OHBABY! magazine over in Australia!
I was a bit excited to receive it
in print
and in the mail earlier this week!
I feel so privileged to be included!

my visions and photographs are now lying in these pages,
seriously?!? it feels good!

It took me an entire week to figure out why it was their Spring Issue..
but, after googling if Australia's seasons were different than the U.S.
it made a lot more sense!

You can snag a digital copy for your ipad, kindle, or smart phone here
I'm kinda in love with digital versions of magazines!
or you can skip out on the interview, and reminisce what Lexi's room looks like here

never stop dreaming big!


  1. how awesome!! congrats!!! that is so so exciting!!

  2. How cool! Love her room, great pictures!

  3. that's AMAZING!! congratulations! :) x

  4. That's so cool! You deserve it! <3

    ▼▼▼ Nicole ▼▼▼

  5. Congratulations, girl! This is so exciting!!!!

  6. Congratulations!! That's amazing!

  7. So well deserved!! I thought it look like a magazine spread myself when I first saw Lexi's room tour. It doesn't surprise me that it actually became one! he he! Congratulations!!

  8. AWESOME... you are so creative and talented... keep going with your ideas and no telling where you will end up.. Just remember us little people when you make it to the top.., haha Love Ya!


  9. Soooo awesome!!! Congrats girly!

  10. so excited for you , this is awesome!

  11. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

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  13. VERY random question :) What nail polish are you wearing? Because I love it!


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