Sunday, September 15, 2013

what i haven't been saying

I swear August and September seem to just get so crazy busy.. trip after trip and I never feel like I have the time nor desire to to catch up on my little ole blog. My creative juices have been slowing and I have hated it. I want to be back in my funk.. my creative funk where the juices are endlessly flowing. i feel good when i have some vision to be working on.. some idea i want to see come to life.

so for now, I'll recap you on life and thoughts - pictures will have to wait until I get back home..
I fly back to Idaho from Denver late tonight and my husband will be picking me and lex up at the SLC airport and then we will be on our 3 1/2 road trip to home... why can't we live by a decent priced airport???? i hate it. but that's besides the point..

how am i just now seeing The Great Gatsby? It's been on me and my sisters to do list every single night since I came last Sunday.. and we just now made time 7 days later.. on a Sunday afternoon.. with the girls squirming and squeeling all around us while we are trying to focus and enjoy a good chik-flik! Lex ended up snuggling up next to me and passing out on my lap and Kins found her self tuned into apps on the ipad. We re-wound it a few times to recap us on what we had just missed.. and finally were able to enjoy the film. and can I just say I am NOT a reader whatsoever.. so books are a no-go for me.. but this movie was just perfect. seriously say I loved it.. sure didn't see that one coming. the visuals.... to die for!

Also, if you haven't watched the end of the movie where it shows how they made it.. it's quite intriguing! put it on your to-do list! and am I the only one that would love to see a sequel to it??? I know its a book and a book that was most-likely on everyone high-school reading list..  that I never read btw.. cliff-notes were my bff in h.s. or someone coaching me through what the book was about 5 minutes before test time.. yes I was that girl.. the girl who hated studying, reading.. socializing worked just fine for me back then! but still being classic.. i would like to see someone sequel that baby.

currently figuring out my inspiration for our fall family session next month, pretty sure outfits are solid and narrowed down! which btw, is the hardest part of planning family pictures!! denver shopping was good to me, and it doesn't hurt having my sister by my side to shop with and get her very opinionated opinions ;)

I saw this cute little instagram the other day.. and I think you would love to try it! I am putting it on my list!

I get emotional lately.. things hurt my feelings easily, i think too much into things and I found a quote that I feel is so fitting.. "sometimes the healing is in the aching" --  it is so true. sometimes just letting out a good cry of frustration can be so gratifying. it's acknowledging your feelings and being able to get those feelings out from your insides.

lexi is waking up and i better get the rest packed but hopefully I will be having more fresh content here for all of you and get myself back into my creative funk that I love so much!


  1. The photo is beautiful :) Did you take it?

  2. What are your fall outfits going to be? Any inspiration for other families out there?

    1. I am sticking to earth tones! Use layers & textures & stick to 2-3 main colors!

  3. That photographer better know how lucky they are!! :)


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