Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year Lexi decided on the Little Mermaid as our theme
I think she fell in love with mermaids from our last trip to the Denver Aquarium
when we visited my sister!
We probably watched the Little Mermaid for probably the entire month of October!
We had some pretty cold weather and a little bit of rain
but Lexi was still loving trick-or-treating!
Ty as King Triton, Me as Ursula, Lexi as Ariel, and Diggy as Sebastian

love doing her make up! :)


  1. Love how you all got involved! So cute! I would love to see another post on your hair extension, how you put them in, if you leave them in 24-7 or how often you have to take them out, how often you have to replace them, how you care for them, do you wash your hair everyday with them in or do you take them out and wash your hair and put them back in, etc.

    1. ok! I will keep these questions for the next post! It will be a couple of weeks but I will get to them I promise! :)

  2. What a creative idea. I love the family pic. Adorable!

  3. I LOVE your costumes!!!!! Her make up is just the cutest. :)

  4. AHhhhh!!! I love family costumes!! (We were Nemo characters this year for Presleys first birthday!). I freaking LOVE Lexi, she is soooo stinking adorable! That picture of her eye makeup with her lips pursed is perfection!!!

  5. hahaha amazing idea and great pictures!

  6. you can't believe how refreshing it is to see an awesome MODEST little girls little mermaid costume. LOVE. and your familys costume in its entirety looks FANTASTIC!


  7. Oh my gosh...this is absolutely fantastic! Sookie wanted to be Ariel early on, but she ended up changing her mind. You all pulled it off flawlessly! Wonderful job!!!

  8. I absolutely love that you all dress up!!! You look so cute

  9. Check out your lil model!
    love the kissy face;)

  10. I love this! You guys are adorable- you all look brilliant! I bet your daughter absolutely loved it too...she is gorgeous!

    Katie x


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