Monday, November 18, 2013


a couple of weeks ago,
we were lucky enough to go to Cancun with the company Tyson works for.

It was such a nice getaway for the two of us,
even if it was so hard to leave little Lexi behind.
Luckily she was left in good hands with Tysons family!

We ran into a bit of rain while we were there..
(and of course my hair loved all the humidity that came with that)
but we were lucky to get a couple of good beach days in!
The only excursion we did was Xel-Ha..
which I still totally recommend for anyone who goes to Cancun.
Me & Tyson have been to Cancun before about 4 years ago and for some reason I fell in love with that place! This time we did a bit more than the first time.. I am not totally adventurous/daredevil so this place was perfect for me.

We rode bikes up a trail where we then floated a river down in tubes (or snorkeled for some)
then they had little stops along the way where you can jump off cliffs and a zipline..
both being on the smaller scale compared to other excursions- but the zipline was perfect for me!
We also did a lot of snorkeling that day, and i'm pretty sure my husband never left the water.
also little private beaches and laying out was an important part of this day ;)

overall I love any escape to somewhere warm so it was so nice to get away!

 our hotel grounds were full of wildlife

 disgusting right?! (he was dead)

peplum baithing suit / Bloomingdales


  1. Your bathing suit is soooo adorable!!! Love the photos :) xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous....that bug omg!!! I would die....

    your suit is super cute

  3. Looks like a fun trip!! That pic of your hubby in the hammock is hilarious - something my husband would get tangled in too :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! We went to Cancun for our honeymoon and we absolutely loved it!

    Katie x


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