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A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes [Cinderalla] by Disney on Grooveshark

holy disneyland!!
no lie this post has taken me 4 days to condense and organize
and even after two exports the coloring is still off in some images
but i have no energy to go back and fix,
so you will have to forgive the weird coloring in some!

We got back from Disneyland last Thursday
and it has taken me a whole week to tackle all of the pictures we took!
Plus we videos majority of the trip and I had a goal to make a little homemade video of that too.. but we will see how long that takes me to get done! It is going to be a beast to tackle!!

So this post is going to be too hard to recap on so I might just
caption/chat about whats happening as we go down the post!

We decided to wait until the day we were flying out to tell Lex where we were headed!
She has been asking for the past 6 months to go to Disney Castle
so we knew she would be pretty excited!!

We flew out of SLC so we had to drive down the afternoon before because we had a pretty early flight.. so that morning Tyson took Lex down to get breakfast while I put out a little Disney spread with a princess to bag to break the news!
We got into Cali around 2 and made sure to be at Disneyland by around 4.
We bought 5 day park hopper tickets so it was nice to know we could take full advantage the entire time we were there! While we were there they were filming the Disney Christmas Parade that airs on Christmas Day so we were able to experience a Christmas themed Disneyland! Which also set the mood for when we got back to real life, because I talked my husband into putting up Christmas tonight!! (Also the weekend was more busy than weekdays)
ok i will just pipe in at random going down through the post!
sorry if i bore you with about a million pictures!!
I probably should have broken this up into different post but I didn't want it to drag on forever!

Ty found her a cute little autograph book at the Target Dollar/$3 Section
before we left, sadly the quality of it didn't last a couple of pages have torn out
so be careful if you ever go that route!
She became OBSESSED with the concept of getting
all of the characters/princesses autographs!

rode the teacups about 3 times while we were there,

Pixie Hollow was a fave of mine,
I absolutely fell in love with how every worker plays a character..

met Tinkerbell & Silvermist

After Pixie Hollow we watched the Parade

Day 2
On the second day there we had scheduled the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
where they turn your little one into a princess of their choice!
Lexi was in absolute heaven and she wanted to be Ariel!

see coloring is off in this B&W and its driving me crazy!!
anyways lexi got to pick out everything..
one regret of mine is what they did to her hair...
not going to lie I took it out by that night because it was kinda on the hideous side
but she still loved it!
After her fairy godmother in training turned her into a princess they took her over
to the Royal Hall and got to meet 3 of the princesses!

they also do this little photoshoot and give you pictures,
as cheesy as it was lex loved taking pictures by the carriage!
see what I'm talking about with that hair??
a bit much :)

haha her leaving the Royal Hall after meeting the 3 princesses..
pure joy!
That night we headed over to the California Adventure Park side...
and that was just as magical at night!
We kinda struggled with finding good food places at either park
but either I was really hungry or this place was really good!
probably the only place I enjoyed eating that was in the park
other than the turkey legs & corn on the cob of course!!

We discovered the Little Mermaid adventure ride
not kidding the entire trip we probably rode this one about 8 times
it was a favorite for all and it probably helped that lexi was giddy with excitement
every time we went through!

We ended up heading back over to Disneyland to watch the fireworks and do more rides
we ended up scoring close to no lines this day so we crammed in SO MUCH!
literally walked right on to it's a small world & pirates of the carriebean-
which we went on pirates twice through the week

Day 3 //
The day my camera malfunctioned!
All photos were taken on cell phones this day and I was so sad because this is the day we scheduled lunch at Ariel's Grotto -- another BIG favorite that we did while we were there!
I actually would probably list this a MUST.
Lexi got to meet Ariel at the entrance and then as we had lunch she was able to meet
Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, & the Fairy Godmother
some more giddy moments for lex!

some more rides and this day Tyson talked me into riding the Ferris Wheel
I am a complete chicken and I am terrified of heights..
lexi was all about it and doesn't have a fear in her body about things like this so I figured
I could suck it up, so I did! The first time up was the worst and then we ended up having to go back through make the rounds twice and the second time was much easier!
I dont think I looked up the entire way up the first time, ha!

Day 4 //
That morning I woke up determined to figure out why my camera wasn't working
and found that a little chip off our sim card had broken off inside giving the camera
an error everything I turned on the camera...
after 20 minutes of messing with it with a hair clip,
it finally stopped giving me the error.. the piece still is in there but its working for now!

her and that autograph book!

Cruella De Vil was hilarious, lex was a little unsure about her
but she was fun to run into!

Jungle Cruise

we kept track of everything on our map
making sure we didn't miss anything!

lex wasn't a fan on Flynn Rider hah

we were able to go on one little roller coaster ride,
Gadget's Go Coaster in Toontown

we hit up another parade night and ice cream

had dinner at Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney
and also caught the fireworks
best part about staying at Disneyland Hotel
is there lit up castle headboard that plays music!

Day 5 //
We had bought some groceries at Target the first night we were there
but by Day 5 we were completely out of anything for breakfast
so we headed to Goofy's Kitchen which was located on our hotel grounds
A couple of nights before Lexi had actually won a little Goofy doll
and she wagged that thing around everywhere..
She got to see two princesses (i think we go there when they were doing the change out)
and a couple of other characters she was not so sure about!
Breakfast tasted good there!

Ty let lex drive on this one and let's just say it was a bumpy ride!!

We went to a Beauty and the Beast show at the Royal Theatre

triangle leggings c/o JenniferAnn

Day 6 //
This was our last day there but our flight didn't leave until 5pm
so we made it a pool day!
They have 3 different slides to go down and Lexi & Ty went on those about at least 20 times!
We started out with the little one, then medium,
and then realized Lexi wasn't afraid of the big one so thats the one they stayed on!
I still can't believe how fearless she was on that!
(I have videos of it all on the video I am going to make)
I forgot to take pictures I would too carried away with videoing it

other random pics from the lovely iphone!
we had so much fun and it is truly a magical little place!!
until next time!!


  1. What fantastic pictures. It looks like you all had such a wonderful time. I love Disney. I can't imagine how awesome it is with a little one!!!

  2. I'm so jealous!!! Looks like you had so much fun. I love that punk jacket she has!

  3. It seriously looks like it was beyond magical & so cute. love the Minnie mouse hoodie :)

  4. So excited. We are going in a month & I can't wait for my son to see it all. It will also be my first time going for Christmas.

  5. So adorable! I love the pure joy you can see on Lexi's face. It is truly a magical place! I haven't been since high school to Disney World and you make me want to go back. You have such a beautiful family. Glad the trip was amazing!

  6. That is so fun! Her outfits are so cute for every day! I can't wait till my little girl is old enough to love that :)

  7. This is so good! Love the photos...I bet she had the time of her life! Looks like an amazing famil holiday!

    Katie x

  8. do you think this was a great age for her to go her first time?!
    i love all of these pictures. she sure enjoyed it!!

    1. We had been told 3+ is best, and I would totally agree.. she was very excited about everything so it was so much fun!

  9. I loved all these pictures! You're such a gorgeous momma-- all your outfits you wore are so cute!

  10. Love the pictures! We have annual passes and we can't get enough! Were contemplating on taking our 3 year old, your little girl looked like she had a blast! Glad you had fun!



  11. loved all the pictures!! such a cute family :)

  12. Great photos! I live about 20 minutes away and am aching to go soon!

  13. Great pictures! I have 2 boys, so don't get to do the princess things ;) You have one lucky daughter!

  14. Wow! It looks like you had such a great time. I'm sure you're all exhausted, too! I am a new follower of your blog and was wondering if you could do a post about how you do your hair and make-up... they always look flawless. By the end of a day in Disney World, you should have seen me. Total wreck. Please share if you don't mind. Love your blog, by the way!

    Your newest follower,
    Shannon in PA

    1. thank you, I did too trust me! But it is on my to-do list! :)

  15. okay holy smokes. 1. you are making me want to plan, pack, and leave for Disneyland RIGHT.NOW. 2. you are making me SO excited to have a little girl!!! 3. LOVE the pics with Cruella De Vil 4. where did you get those leopard pants/leggings that you're wearing up in the pic with Lex (sitting in front of the Christmas tree)? they are so cute and fun!

    1. you will love it!!! They are from Target! :)


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