Thursday, November 7, 2013

Little Boy 'Look of the Week'

While I am M.I.A

Alycia is one of my talented friends and has one stud'ly little boy named Kyler,
so I thought it would be super fun to throw in a little boy fashion look for all of you!!
pillowthoughtedited1.jpg pillowthoughtedited2.jpg pillowthought10-1.jpg pillowthoughtedited3.jpg

Isn't he adorable with those long locks and suspenders??

Kylers Outfit//
Pants and Shoes- Target
Shirt and Suspenders- H&M
Flannel- Thrifted ( brand - Osh Kosh)

You can sneak over into Alycia's life,
(where you will find some beautiful images) over on her:
& Instagram

You can also find her work on Etsy, here


  1. Oh how cute is he!!! I loved this post- you should do little boy looks more often for those of us who only have little boys :) -Char


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