Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunshine Package

There is just something special about receiving a package...
Right before my mom's birthday I was trying to figure out something special
I could send her that would make up for me not actually being there.

I was at a girls lunch with friends and they recommended the idea of a Sunshine Package..

It was PERFECT, what better way to send someone a smile than with a Sunshine Package.
I decided to document this little package because I found myself scrounging around local stores to find pretty little things in the color of yellow.
In Fall and in a smaller town.. it was suprisingly harder than you would think.
If only I would have come up with this idea sooner I would have purchased lots of cute things online..

I will go ahead and add an inspiration board at the end,
for those of you who want to send someone a smile!
Someone sick, someone struggling, someone who is turning another year older, etc..
everyone needs a sunshine package once in their life!

Also, there is this cute little card company
called CardStore

Which is simply amazing, ya know how you send out Christmas Cards online??
Well its just like that except you have the simplicity of creating what you want
and sending out one or five if you really want
they print them and ship them for you!

CardStore contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their site..
which was perfect timing,  because I was gathering ideas for my mom
so I decided to create her a Birthday Card!
super simple and super quick!
(I would plan to do this one week out from when you want them to get it)

Seriously it was cheaper than it would have been for me to go pick out a card at Walgreens
anddddddd it saved me from waiting in the long line at the Post Office!

there is now no excuse for not sending out birthday cards!

Hope you have gained some inspiration for your own sunshine package!!

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  1. I love cardstore!

    That is a super cute package too

  2. I love this idea! Could you tell me where the chalkboard and numbers are from? I love it.

    1. I bought it from a local craft store called Porters.. but I think Joannes should carry something very similar! I stained just a regular chalkboard walnut! Hope you find something like this!

  3. This is a very cute and thoughtful idea.
    I love that you included my Sunshine bracelet cuffs.
    Thank you very much!!

    Alison from :)

  4. This is such an adorable idea, I love it! I'm sure your mum will be over the moon when she receives it!

    Katie x

  5. LOVE this idea!!! How caring and thoughtful! I love putting together gifts for others, so this is an awesome idea :) xx Michelle

  6. LOVE your blog! And thanks so much for including items from my etsy shop to your inspiration board - I love the idea!


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