Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas time at Temple Square

Last week, I flew back from Denver after visiting with my sister for a week
into Salt Lake (cheaper flights)
so Tyson drove back down and we decided to stay a night and visit temple square
It's all done up with christmas lights and sweet nativities this time of year.
We also were able to get some Christmas Shopping out of  the way!

After we got home I have been in unpacking mode & trying to get our house in order before my parents come this Friday! They get to spend the holidays with us and we are so excited!!!


  1. I love Temple Square at this time of year!! I went last night and the lights are just beautiful! I also see you made a stop at Blue Lemon, which is a fabulous place to eat! :) Fun photos!

  2. United has flights from Idaho falls to Denver that are 161 round trip. They only post them the week of and you have to fly certain days (like fly out Friday fly back Tuesday). I was raised in Denver and my family moved to Rexburg my senior year. We still have family in Denver and always fly out there. I hope that this helps. It's always fun to visit family often!!


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