Monday, December 2, 2013

comfy sweaters for little one

i spy lexi's "phone",
i couldn't get her to part with the thing so I told her to stuff it in her boot
apparently it still showed a bit ;)

Beanie: H&M similar | Sweater: Zara similar | Jeans: Gap (older) | Boots: Gap Outlet (older)

Not kidding, it is way more fun to dress and photograph this little girl!
A comfy sweater is a must during December, & I would wear this exact same look!


  1. So cute! I love that little beanie :)

  2. So sweet!! I just love your photos of your little!! Just precious!

  3. I'm so sorry to have to say this - but I find it incredibly disturbing to see this super young child posing with her hip sticking out, as if she's an adult woman. I feel this is not only a danger to her own inner well-being as a developing child/girl, but a danger in terms of predators who go for this very sort of thing online. PLEASE do not teach your child these things. :(

    1. I'm so sorry you feel that way, that is not my intentions in anyway. Thank you for your comment as far as predators that has been a thought that has crossed my mind and is why I started gearing things in a mommy & me fashion post.. It is sometimes way less stressful just to photograph her and not the both of us and I have honestly forgotten about those fears until I read your comment. As for the hand on the hip posing, that has nothing to do with how she will develop, I have strong values and standards and have every intention of raising her with good standards and individual worth as a daughter of Heavenly Father. She has her own personality and I let it shine through :)


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