Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Mark Sailing/Cory Monteith/Samuel Larsen on Grooveshark
Our elf Sox made his return!
Luckily I have plenty of past party items so I made a mini North Pole themed breakfast!
We had rainbow sprinkled donuts, marshmallows,
hot cocoa, and Sox our elf had little donuts too!

Sox seems to keep bringing snow where ever he goes,
because the day he arrived in Idaho we got loads of snow that night..
then the next day we traveled to Denver where there was no snow when we arrived,
but woke up to tons of snow!

I am totally ok with snow in the month of December!

christmas pjs: old navy

visit last years Elf Breakfast


To get the frosted necks for the drinks:
Dip in melted frosting, let it harden a bit
then dip it in powder sugar.

Mini Donuts:
Cherrios --
Melted Chocolate Chips, Frosting, Powder Sugar, & chopped sprinkles.
Use a toothpick to restructure the hole

Mom & Dad plastic red/white stripe straws can be bought at the Dollar Store
They also have those colors in crazy straws,
which I bought both because I am a sucker for straws!


  1. Gorgeous!! I don't know how you do it....your photos always look Pinterest-perfect. It's amazing!

  2. Even though I'm not a HUGE fan of Elf on the Shelf, I think this is the cutest thing EVER. I bet she loves this tradition :)

  3. This is precious. I love everything about the elf themed breakfast! Savannah has literally asked to watch this movie every day since about Halloween. She loves Chippy!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so perfect...she must have been so excited!! I just about died when I scrolled and saw the tiny donuts :)) What a fun morning!!

    xx em

  5. This by far has got to be the most adorable thing ever!

  6. This is a ridiculously good idea! So fun! I love all the sweet mini details! Where did you find the little elf sized donuts?!

  7. Very Cute!


  8. Love the tiny donuts for the elf!! How adorable!!


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