Sunday, December 29, 2013

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

sometimes you walk a mile and a half in snow covered paths,
in 10 degree weather
just to get the perfect shot,
with your dad

my dad luckily shares the same love for photography and scenic views as I do.
He doesn't mind going out of your way and waiting for the perfect shot.

We returned to a spot we both fell in love with 3 years ago.
We were able to photograph this same barn in the late Summer early Fall season.
(see that photograph here)

Now that we were back in Jackson Hole for Christmas
we wanted to capture that same barn with the Tetons during the snowy season.

We drove up to the spot with my whole family only to find that the road leading up to the spot was closed, so we tried a different route, it too was closed.  Apparently during winter they don't plow the roads so the only way in is to walk. None of us were dressed for hiking in snow so we decided to return closer to sunset.
Tyson drove us to the spot and he waited in the truck,
we ended up being going for a good 2+ hours.
He earned the Best Husband award.

so we set out, froze our bums off, and enjoyed some good quality daddy daughter time.

ALL IMAGES ©LindseyMarlor


  1. This is such a sweet story, a memory was definitely made. <3 Beautiful shot!!

  2. Wow that looks amazing, father and daughter time is the best!

  3. This is beautiful...I thought the photograph was a print or painting- amazing photography Hun!

    Katie x


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