Monday, January 13, 2014

Hawaii Part 1

This was our first trip to Hawaii and we stayed at Hyatt Regency Resort
on the Island Maui, thanks to Tyson's work :)
We were there with four other families and Lexi loved having friends to play with at the beach!
It was just gorgeous there and I love the island life!
I tried convincing Ty about a dozen times to extend but flights were a crazy amount!
On the flight there & back, we flew SLC-Phoenix-Maui,
Lex slept on the layover & none of either flights but she still did good.
On the way home we had a red-eye
and she fell asleep ten minutes after taking off from Maui
and slept that entire flight, the entire layover, and
the entire flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake.
I mean seriously???
She used to be the screaming kid on the flight!
She's making up for it now days!
I'll try to just narrate this throughout the post!
so check for captions around the photos!

 RG3 was on our plane (a quarterback for Redskins)
I had no idea who he was, but the boys were all pretty excited about it!

 First day we were there it was suppose to be pretty rainy,
so we went to the Maui Ocean Center..
It was something to do -but I'm not sure I totally recommend it
I like more outdoor exhibits and it was mostly the indoor little fish tanks type ones.

 lexi's outfit details: Top: Nordstroms/Peek | Headband: VonBon | Shorts: Zara

After the aquarium, we headed over to Kihei
to try out a taco place Tysons friend had told us about!

 That night we headed to Front Street in Lahaina,
which we did more than a couple times while we were there
-it was a nice little shopping area with restaraunts not far from our hotel.

 my coverup from VS

 Lexi's favorite thing: the kid slide

 While Tyson was out snorkeling me & lex layed in the hammock
and lex was able to take herself a little nap!

 tyson found this sea turtle and was able to swim with it for a long while
luckily he had the go-pro with him -- i'll try and add some of the footage into the hawaii video
 such a tired face!

 lexi's baithing suit/ Gap (handmedown from my sister) me: PacSun

 We also walked to Whalers Village one night that is also located in Lahaina

stay tuned for the luau post, road to Hana post & a homemade video
it's hawaii week over on the blog!


  1. I'm so envious! It looks amazing! It's very cold and wet in the UK right now and this has made me crave sunshine even more!x

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I went to Maui three years ago, and did many of the same things!

  3. Ahhh we are going in August (we go every summer) and these pictures made me more excited!!! Glad you had a great time. I cannot wait to go back. Maui never gets old.

  4. What an awesome opportunity to do this with your family. It looks like a beautiful place!

  5. Your vacation looked Fantastic!! Lexi looked so cute in her headband!! Glad she is getting some use out of them! Happy 2014!! XO

  6. How fun!!! Maui is our next trip to book. We got married on North Shore in Ohau, so we want to visit another island :)

  7. We stayed at the same resort on our honeymoon a few months ago! I have to say one of my favorite things about the hotel were the penguins and flamingos! So fun! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip and your video!


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