Thursday, January 16, 2014

Road to Hana

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We left Lahaina around 8:30 am and headed toward Hana.
It was a 45 minute drive before we got to the last main town Paia.
Once you leave the town Paia, you are officially on your way to Hana.
The Road to Hana is the crown-jewel of Hawaii driving tours.
Lush rainforest, dramatic and rugged ocean vistas, countless waterfalls and pools.

It's not what's in Hana, but what you see on the way to Hana.

Even researching the night before I didn't realize how hard these spots were to find,
you are literally looking for mile markers and hoping you don't miss them as you are captivated with the scenery. Some are easy to find and it always helps when there are other cars stopped,
that's a sure sign you are about to pass something.

And something I did not realize is that once you leave Paia you start to notice mile markers,
but those aren't the ones you will be looking for..
you will drive for a while and you will come back across where the mile markers start over back to 0.
You will then start your mile marker search
(this is the way you find all the spots that you researched)
You will also notice a distinct change in scenery that will help you realize
you are about to start your journey!

Oh.. and did i mention the Hana Highway (Road to Hana)
is a narrow, twisting, sometimes one-lane road with an estimated 600 turns and 54 (mostly) one-lane bridges, and no shoulder. Let's just say I didn't get car sick on the way up, but we decided to return the way we came after we were done with the Black Sand beach.. and we weren't making all those stops like we were on the way up and me and lexi's stomach started going crazy.. luckily lexi was able to fall asleep shortly after she started complaining.. but me, i got to the point where I just had to close my eyes and try to fall asleep.. my stomach strarted getting in all sorts of knots and I made Ty pull over twice just so I could have fresh air and a rest from all the crazy turns -ty was going around 20mph but i swear it felt like we were going at least 40 because a lot of it is downhill.
So that day we did close to 1,200 turns!
I have heard two different opinions on continuing the loop past Hana - which doesn't make you come back down the way you started -- the roads I hear get pretty scary with cliff drop offs and no railings but I heard the winding roads aren't as bad and it's suppose to get even prettier. I think my stomach would have still been in knots driving on a road that has cliff drop offs.
It's all totally worth seeing though!
mile marker 8 - Maui's famed North Shore
There were CRAZY big waves-- you can see a surfers tiny head if you look closely..
the only way to compare how big those waves really are

the cutest fruit stand off the side of the road

mile marker 6, Painted Bark Eucalyptus trees along the left side of the road
we were lucky and noticed people parked and taking pictures or else we would have passed right by.

you do have to pay for this one below,
mile marker 10 - the Garden of Eden Botanical Garden and Arboretum

it rained on us for just a little bit before we got here

the rock in Jurassic Park
- the scenery from the film's opening sequence

we also grabbed lunch before heading back on the road

mile marker 17, we grabbed some pretty good Banana Bread here!!

mile marker 18 Wailua Overlook

mile marker 23 -Puaa Kaa State Wayside Park
In January the water was pretty cold!

trying to convince lex to go in

trying to cross all the rocks without killing himself

The Black Sand Beach mile marker #32
- for some reason this was tricky for us to find
because the signs off the road are for "Wai'anapanapa State Park"
so that's where you turn off for this one..
I apparently didn't do good enough research before hand!

We had our second rain fall for the day, luckily it was short and we stuck it out..
it was nice that it cleared off the beach from a lot of the tourist though! :)

Mile Marker 29 - Nahiku Market Place, we hit this for dinner on the way back out

smoothies sadly tasted horrible!

we made the stop at mile marker 24 Hanawai Falls on our way back out --
it seemed to be pretty deserted by this time (3pm) and hardly any tourist around (in January)

this is a good site for mile markers wish I would have found it before we ventured out


  1. FUN post!! Love your photos and that's a great soundtrack for the adventure! :) Lovely spots you found!!!

  2. Every one of these photos is confirming my desire to pack up and relocate to Hawaii. All those lovely backdrops look like a movie! How beautiful :]

  3. Beautiful photos! That scenery is incredible. And I love the shorts you were wearing, so cute!

  4. wow stunning photos! looks like a dream!

  5. I love the photos from beginning to end!
    Makes me miss the time I went to Hawaii..
    I am glad you all enjoyed your little trip :)


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