Monday, January 20, 2014

she makes my heart burst

Lexi has grown so much since she first started dance class.
She has blossomed into a much more confident little girl outside of the home.

Her first day I had to be in the same room and by the second class she was fine that I stayed outside of the class doors with the rest of the moms. Even letting me leave the building to go run errands.
It's crazy that a simple dance class gave her so much confidence in the outside world,
outside of our little family and her little comfort zone.
B/c believe me she is anything but shy at home.
She finally started staying in nursery at church, we always had problems before.
Even at Disneyland & with Santa Clause she wasn't shy.

so needless to say I was just impressed she didn't think twice about going out during half time and performing in front of the crowd and it's pretty priceless watching a bunch of 3 & 4 year olds trying to stay in sync with the rest of their class ;) She was on such a little high and loved everything about that day! Still asking if she can do it again tomorrow. :) Sadly it was her first and last dance performance in Idaho.  We will have to transition and find something new for her in Texas!

It also called for fun nails, polka dots were her request

looking at the video, lexi is second to the last one on the right.


  1. That's so sweet! I'm so glad it's boosted her confidence so much! There's a big place in my heart where I hope my little shows interest in dance because I LOVED it as a kid and I hope that she'll want to try it out too :P

  2. I love everything about this. She is ADORABLE. I love her costume and nails. I'm dying. So cute!!!

  3. I always read but never comment. As a native Texan, I just had to reassure you that I'm sure you'll have no shortage of dance options here. We love to primp and dance here :) For your sake, I hope you are getting to go to one of the prettier parts of my home state!

  4. Oh she looks so cute in her little costume. Bless her!
    I've danced since I was three and now teach too, and I cannot wait to send my little girl to dance class when she's big enough. It's just so good for their confidence and such a lovely thing to do. x

  5. Hi,
    I'm a french reader ! I love reading you blog.
    She's so cute and she dances with all her heart !! So adorable !
    Kisses from France


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